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New, Rare and Interesting Items This Week at Miskatonic Books #129

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Many of the books we carry are rare and we have a very limited quantity. All books are sold on a first come first serve basis.  All books are available for layaway. $5 Shipping on every order shipped in the US regardless of size.

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OPUSCULA MAGICA II by Andrew Chumbley (PRIVATE EDITION Bound in Full Brown Goat in Custom Slipcase 1 of 11)


This is very rare PRIVATE EDITION limited to only 11 copies. It is bound in brown goat in custom slipcase. This is #3 of 11.

From the publisher:

Opuscula Volume Two contains ten essays written between 1992 and 2000, including one previously unpublished. Expanding upon themes developed in Opuscula Volume I, the book also treats Crooked Path Sorcery, a transcendental ethos of traditional witchcraft having parallels in such traditions as Petro Voudon. Also new in this volume is an Author’s Preface, as well as Robert Fitzgerald’s rare 1996 interview with Chumbley in Esoterra. The 1999 article ‘Gnosis For the Flesh Eternal’ appears here for the first time, being a much-expanded version of ‘Wisdom For the New Flesh’ which first appeared in Starfire. For this second volume, we have also included nine Azoëtia-era illustrations which have never before seen print.

AZOETIA: A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft by Andrew D. Chumbley 3rd edition (Deluxe Limited Edition Half Bound in Crimson Goat in Custom Slipcase)


DELUXE Limited Edition Hardcover Printed on 70 lb. cream acid-free archival paper stock, half bound in crimson goat and marbled boards in custom slipcase. One of only 111 copies published.

Book is in new unread condition

The Third edition presents the complete text of the ‘Sethos Edition’ of 2002, being the definitive recension of the work. Original images have been digitally conserved and the text has been freshly typeset. Design and Materials are of the highest standard, for which Xoanon is well known. Limitation number may vary from the one shown.

As the incepting text of Xoanon Limited, Andrew D. Chumbley’s visionary book ‘The Azoëtia: A Grimoire of the Sabbatic Craft’ was first published in 1992 and is regarded as the foundation text of the Sabbatic Craft Tradition. The second edition of 2002 sold out within months of its release. Since then, exorbitant prices on the second-hand market have prevented ownership of this essential text. In response to growing interest in this work, and as part of the conservation and dissemination of the magical texts of the Cultus Sabbati, Xoanon Limited is releasing the third edition of ‘The Azoëtia’. The grimoire ‘Azoëtia’ is comprised of three main parts: an exposition of preliminary magico-aesthetic formulae with detailed descriptions of working instruments, the full text of the Sabbatic Rituals of Ingress, Congress, and Egress, and an eleven-chaptered grimoire detailing the arcana and composite practices of the Sacred Alphabet – the twenty-two lettered code of sorcerous principles underlying the practical spectrum of the Arte Magical. The entire work intends the reification of traditional British cunning-craft praxis according to the spiritual vision and artistry of a contemporary initiate.

PICATRIX vol 1 & 2 (Deluxe Special Vellum Edition)


One of only 10 sets produced. Book is in fine unread condition. Please note that this edition is bound in natural vellum which has natural facets, colors, lines, etc. It is naturally rustic and one of the best bookbinding materials there is. This book will last many centuries.

Kiesel, William (edited by). Translated from the Arabic by Hashem Atallah. The Picatrix (Ghayat Al-Hakim), The Goal of the Wise. Volume One . Seattle, Ouroboros Press. 2002. First Limited Edition. Bound in full vellum with gilt titles and device to front, device also on back. Spine with 6 compartments and 5 raised bands with red leather label with gilt title to second compartment. Marbled end papers, maroon page ribbon marker. Numbered as “0”. A very small number of the first edition were bound in vellum. 174 pages. Bound by Ars Obscura Bookbinding in Seattle. Some very light wear to vellum on front cover otherwise a fine copy. The vellum is nicely toned, aging quite well.

The Picatrix has long been regarded as source material in the Hermetic tradition. The text of this Medieval work consists of four books covering the art and practice of Astrological, Talismanic and Astral Magic. The author has compiled information derived from 224 books by “ancient sages” (Hermes, Plato & Aristotle and others, known and unknown) with the intention of uniting all these diverse arts into a practical system.

This Ouroboros Press edition is a translation based on the medieval [circa 10th century] Classical Arabic as opposed to the later Renaissance Latin translation. The Warburg Institute originally published the Arabic, German, and Latin editions which are often referred to by scholars and remain the only academic editions extant. Volume one of the Picatrix contains the first two books and are here translated into English for the first time.

Picatrix Volume Two contains the 3rd and 4th books of Ghayat Al-Hakim and completes the English translation. It is a larger book than volume one and contains much in the way of the practical working of astral and talismanic magic. Planetary and Zodiacal magic and full instructions for invoking the related spirits are provided along with all the requisite materials needed: stones, plants, inks, colors, incenses, talismans, and the invocations.

In addition to this are many anecdotes relating to Arabic and pre-Islamic magical lore, including the writings of Ibn Wahshija, the Nabataeans, Sabians, Chaldeans and Assyrians. Of particular note is the magical plant and mineral lore from the Nabataean Agriculture, which portray ancient practices of pagan Iraq.

The influence of the Picatrix can be seen in several texts of well-known authors of the western esoteric tradition, including Ficino, Mirandola, Abano and Agrippa, whose works have played a major role in forming contemporary manifestations of the esoteric tradition today.

QLIPHOTH ESOTERIC PUBLICATION OPUS II edited by Edgar Karval 111 (Limited Edition Hardcover)


This is the First limited edition of Qliphoth Esoteric Publication (or Qiphoth Journal) Opus II, which was limited to 141 hand numbered copies. Opus 1 was released last year, in an A4 sized magazine format, and sold out very quickly, so a 2nd edition was released, late last year, and it also sold out. Opus II has been issued in hardcover book format, with 241 pages. Table of contents, & contributors are provided below.

Inspired by Aleister Crowley’s Liber 231, Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Trilogies, Linda Falorio’s Shadow Tarot, the Qliphoth Journal shadow-cases a number of newer talents working in this field of esoteric endeavour, and sheding light on some of the dark labyrinthine recesses, of the Tunnels of Set.

A GATHERING OF MASKS by Robert Fitzgerald (Limited Edition Hardcover)


Standard hardcover cloth with letterpress dust jacket, limited to four hundred sixty-two copies. Book is in unread condition.

Aleister Crowley’s obscure Liber 231 remains one of his most enigmatic received magical texts, and one whose genesis directly concerns the workings of astral magic and trance-mediumship. A Gathering of Masks is the summation of direct magical workings with the Genii of the Domes, the spirits governing the revealed mystery of Liber 231, and serving as the wards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Fulfilled by the author over a period of a decade, the twenty-two evocations of the Genii of the Domes reveal a patterning of power and gnosis heretofore little-explored in the practice of the Art Magical.

The book commences with the author’s Introduction, entitled “By Seal and Sphere: A Treatise on Astral Magic”. The heart of the work is comprised of twenty-two oracles, each of which is accompanied by a commentary and a unique Queen Scale sigil derived from the Work. The book also includes several illustrations by artist-author Barry William Hale of Fulgur Limited. Of interest to scholars of Thelema and practitioners of ceremonial magic, Gathering stands as an outré magical record of the Divinatory Art.

CODEX HOMUNCULI by Joseph Uccello (Limited Edition Hardcover)


555 copies (Homonkulus) in blind-stamped cloth-covered boards, with folding poster dust jacket. 288 pages. illustrated and with references

From the publisher:

OCCLITH Labyrinthus Archidoxæ
Florilegium of the arcane sciences in seven volumes, numbered 0–6.

Ancient Magical, alchemical and hermetic texts on the creation, uses, attributes and implications of artificial human beings, & related Matters.

And if thou wilt see and behold this Workman, even by mortal things that are upon Earth, and in the deep, consider, O Son, how Man is made and framed in the Womb; and examine diligently the skill, and cunning of the Workman, and learn who it was that wrought and fashioned the beautiful and Divine shape of Man… 
—Divine Pymander

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