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Today’s Devilish Deal #1

PLANTS OF THE DEVIL by Corinne Boyer (DELUXE Quarter Bound in Red Pigskin, Slipcased, Limited Edition Hardcover)

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On sale today! List price is $440 put we are selling this one at only $395 save $45.  Good for 24 hours!

Quarter red pigskin and slipcase. Limited to 41 hand-numbered copies

Book is in new unread condition

Plants of the Devil examines the history and magic of herbs associated with Satan and his minions, delving into the folklore of ancient Europe and the British Isles. Included in the book are the diabolical concepts of the Wild Adversary and the Devil’s Garden, Temptation, plants that harm and curse such as Blackberry, Stinging Nettle, Briar Rose, and Thistle, Poisonous Plants, herbs of evil omen, and herbs for protection, or ‘Plants to keep the Dark Prince at bay.’ The book will be of great interest to students of the occult, witchcraft, and plant folklore. The book is illustrated throughout with original illustrations of Marzena Ablewska, known for her evocative characterizations of plants and the sinister feminine.

The book is 176 pages, printed offset litho on heavy stock

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