83 Demons of Saturn Preorders

83 Demons of Saturn

83 Demons of Saturn Preorders have begun! Our copies of the new book by David Mllr have been secured and paid for.

Many of our customers have asked if they can secure their copies with us so we are putting them up for preorder now and expect to be shipping them within the next two weeks or so. As soon as they arrive from the publisher we’ll ship them out to customers.

THE 83 DEMONS OF SATURN by David Mllr – Standard Edition + Tarot Card Deck


Standard Hardcover Edition Book is in new unread condition Published by Aeon Sophia Press

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Aeon Sophia Press is proud to announce the second book by the author, artist and musician David Mllr. With this brand new offering the author presents to us 83 archetypes of Saturn’s moons, organizing and classifying them to be able to work with them. In this book the author covers the first 27 moons related to Greek mythology.

While the author stays within the realm of Saturn, with his new book he takes a step further in a new direction in terms of subject matter and writing style. This book presents a thoroughly researched work and each archetype and/or demon is very well described with its corresponding tarot card illustrations and invocations mantras.

According to the author: These entities were baptized under the name of The Demons of Saturn. They are demons because they act as agents of chaos, creating storms and tempests. They work directly in the darkest aspects of the Self. Using Saturn’s moons as a way to explore and work our subconscious is an effective and unique method of approaching personal growth. The shadow refers to those aspects of oneself that are denied or repressed, and working with this can help release limiting patterns of thought and behavior. 

Assigning an Archetype to each Saturn moon and exploring how the archetype manifests in your life can give you a different perspective on yourself and help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses. 

Through the ritual practice of invoking the archetype or demon, following the established sheme, mantras and incenses, we can create the necessary atmosphere to allow us to make changes and modifications in our subconcious. This system uses classical Saturnian ceremonial magick techniques with a Left-Hand Path approach where demons and dark energies are invoked, working with deep aspects of the psyche.

Also, 83 Demons of Saturn preorders for deluxe edition are also available…

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