Infernal House To Launch Fall 2024

Infernal House

For those seeking left-hand path literature, a new publisher is launching this fall. Formed by two award-winning publishers and distributed by Miskatonic Books, Infernal House will have new titles in production and released beginning around the new year.

The publishing company has just opened up for author submissions. If you have new and past LHP editions, you can query about publication at this link.

Infernal House

Infernal House stands as an innovative force in the realm of literature, specializing in the esoteric domain of left-hand path (LHP) literature. Not merely a publishing venture, it embodies a dual nature, also functioning as a distribution company helmed by the experienced staff of Miskatonic Books. This unique fusion of capabilities allows Infernal House to fulfill its dual mission with unparalleled efficacy.

On the publishing front, Infernal House serves as a beacon for original left-hand path content, championing the exploration and dissemination of diverse perspectives within this arcane field. Through meticulous curation and a discerning eye for quality, it endeavors to unveil new works that challenge conventional paradigms and ignite intellectual discourse.

Concurrently, the distribution arm of Infernal House operates as a guardian of tradition, committed to preserving and perpetuating the legacy of classic left-hand path literature. By meticulously selecting and reprinting seminal texts from the annals of LHP history, it ensures that these invaluable works remain accessible to seekers and scholars alike, safeguarding the intellectual heritage of the left-hand path for generations to come.

Through its comprehensive approach, Infernal House emerges as a vanguard in the exploration of the left-hand path, bridging the gap between past and present, tradition and innovation. With a steadfast dedication to both originality and preservation, it empowers individuals to traverse the labyrinthine corridors of the esoteric with knowledge, insight, and reverence.

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