Wer-Wolf Spells Released by Sirius Limited Esoterica


New limited and deluxe editions of Denny Sargent’s Wer-Wolf Spells have been released by Sirius Limited Esoterica.

  • Limited Edition: One of only 111 hand numbered hardcover copies, 119 pages, 5×8, sewn in ribbon marker.
  • Deluxe Edition: One of only 33 leather bound, hand numbered hardcover copies, 119 pages, 5×8, sewn in ribbon marker with altar cloth.

Through this Grimoire, Denny Sargent,( aka Fr Aion 131), reveal us a powerful book focusing diverse aspect of lycanthropy and shape shifting. Its rituals and praxis in a very understandable process to all those interested in this path of sorcery.

Wer-Wolf Spells takes you into the dark primal forests of ancient forgotten wolfish spells that are to be crafted with howls. The books of Werewolf Magick reveal the realm shapeshifting and wolf-work on the astral planes in fur and fangs, but spells are a different growl. These feral spells help unleash your Wer-wolf powers for protection, healing, fun, love and ecstatic erotic wolfishness.

You don’t need be a Wer-wolf shifter to do these spells, but if you feel drawn to this book, then you are already likely entranced by the Magick of the Great Wolf. So, enjoy the spell craft of the Wer-wolf but always play well with others, especially wolves. Or else:). Awooo! Be wild and Well!

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