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Biblio Obscura Press is dedicated to finding and publishing the best new and well-established Left-Hand-Path authors writing in the field today.  

These titles will be hand bound by an artesian binder, on acid neutral paper in both a limited and deluxe edition format and will be illustrated by some of the most preeminent artists in the field.

We look forward to producing some of the finest Left-Hand-Path titles available for the modern occultist’s library.





Biblio Obscura Press is currently open for submissions:

We are of course very interested in queries from established authors, but are also willing to consider submissions from talented and knowledgeable new authors.

If you are interested in submitting a book proposal to Biblio Obscura Press, please read this entire guide before sending a submission. If your submission does not follow these guidelines, we are far less likely to consider it for publication.

We are interested in proposals for outstanding books in the following areas, Left-Hand-Path, Satanic, Setian, Demonic, Demonology, Qliphoth, Satanism, Voodoo, Luciferianism, Necromancy, Dark Witchcraft, Dark Gnosticism, and similar currents.

Biblio Obscura will not be publishing non-English-language books, fiction, or poetry. Your submission must include the following:

‣ Cover letter, containing:

☐ Brief description of the proposed book

☐ Total estimated word count of the proposed book

☐ List of contents in the query package

☐ Brief summary of the author’s background, expertise, and any credentials relevant to the subject matter of the proposed book

☐ An answer to the following question: What sort of illustrations might enhance the proposed book?

☐ Contact information: including email address, postal address, and daytime telephone number(s)

‣ Book sample, containing:

☐ Table of contents (with chapter descriptions)

☐ Only full finished manuscripts will be accepted for review.

Submissions (preferably in the form of a PDF) should ideally meet the following stylistic guidelines:

‣ 12-point type

‣ Running header with author, book title, and page number on each page

When your submission is ready, it may be sent as an attachment (preferably Zipped) to an email to the following address:

Larry (at) miskatonicbooks (dotcom)

We look forward to your proposal.


Larry Roberts

Founder & Publisher

LARRY ROBERTS has been a bookseller and publisher for over 30 years. He is currently the founder, owner and operator of Miskatonic Books where he continues to sell rare, limited edition and antiquarian genre titles as well as publishing under his Azoth Press, Arcane Wisdom and Biblio Obscura imprints.

Edgar Kerval


EDGAR KERVAL is an author and musician coming from Colombia South America. He has been working more than 20 years in diverse paths of sorcery. He focuses in elements regarding saturnian gnosis dealing with death entities from diverse pantheons. Also he works in diverse ritual ambient musical projects such as EMME YA, THE RED PATH, :ARCHAIC: among others. He has his own small publishing house called : SIRIUS LIMITED ESOTERICA, in which he publishes some of his work and the books of other well-known authors. He has participated on II and III International Left Hand Path Consortium in Atlanta and St Louis respectively. He has released more than 6 books and participated in several anthologies.

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