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ABADDON: The Angel Of The Abyss with E.A. Koetting, Michael Ford, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack, Orlee Stewart and more – Signed Hardcover Edition (Bumped Corner)


ABADDON: The Angel Of The Abyss with E.A. Koetting, Michael Ford, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack, Orlee Stewart and more – Signed Hardcover Edition (Bumped Corner)

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Book is in very good condition with a BUMPED CORNER otherwise in new unread condition.  unread condition and is signed by E.A. Koetting. 273 pages.

Published by Become a Living God

From the publisher:

I honestly feel a bit hesitant to release this grimoire.

I sincerely mean that — this is NOT gaslighting.

In twenty years of mortal sins, midnight blasphemies, and blood pacts with cursed devils, I have never felt as little as a tickle of bad conscience, never even a tingle of karmic anxiety, and definitely regret none of it.

I am not afraid of damnation.

Furthermore, I have never acted in bad faith to YOU. In fact, I would prefer to quit instead of lie to you. If a day ever came where magick felt forced or fake, I would quit.

However, this seven-author Compendium of Abaddon — in particular my new Book of Shadows under patronage of the Fourth Demonic Gatekeeper, eponymously called The Grimoire of Abaddon — honestly, it worries me.

More precisely, misappropriation worries me. Let me explain…

How I Became A “Black Hand” For The Deadliest Demon In History & Wrote His Most Dangerous Necromantic Grimoire… And Why It WORRIES Me For The First Time In My Life

As of today, I have released 14 peer-reviewed grimoires and hundreds of newsletters and videos on black magick. My third book Baneful Magick has always seemed the “most dangerous” of them by default, mainly because it teaches you how to evoke predatory demons and violent ghosts of the dead to magickally torture and terminate your enemies.

But now, as I reflect on my horrifying but life-changing experiences with Abaddon as recorded faithfully in my new Grimoire of Abaddon, I have needed to conclude that this grimoire has taken the mantle as the “darkest” book in my Complete Works.

In truth, I do not “write” grimoires. I evoke demons and undergo possession with them, wherefore I become their “black hand” by receiving their messages and writing them down in human terms. In other words, demons write these books through me as their human stenographer. I act as a faithful medium, as do other sorcerers and witches who summon spirits.

Compendium of Abaddon unmasks the many powerful Gods and Goddesses of Death and Destruction whom have reared their heads across the entirety of human history, and teaches you how to evoke the primordial, singular god-force that underlies this plurality of faces — called simply Abaddon here, a name that means destruction in Hebrew.

The Compendium of Abaddon is the most advanced necromantic grimoire, and therefore most dangerous grimoire, that Abaddon has ever authored through “black hands” a.k.a. human mediums.

Because of that, for the first time in my two decades as magician, it also stresses me out that stupid people can misappropriate this new, lethal, magick weapon and misuse it against me. Like I said, I am NOT afraid of damnation, however, I AM cautiously aware that my sworn enemies can perform this black magick on me personally!

Quite literally, I am gifting the most powerful book of death magick in history on a silver platter to sick people who pray to see me die.

Thus, I have given my highest sacrifice to Abaddon and to YOU through this grimoire: my life. Coincidentally, a mythical white magician, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, addressed this moral dilemma in his grimoire, the Bible:

But Jesus said to him, “Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.” — Matthew 26:52

Live by the sword, die by the sword…

Abaddon The Destroyer’s 8 Blackest Hands And Their 8 Grimoires Of Death Magick
Timothy The Antichrist Manifesto
E.A. Koetting The Grimoire of Abaddon
Michael W. Ford Apollyon: The Origins of the Biblical Demon
Edgar Kerval Abaddon: Destroyer of Worlds
Bill Duvendack Ululate Exitium: The Beast & the Shadow
Orlee Stewart Liber Inferi: The Book of Hell
V.K. Jehannum Apollyon: The Abyssal God of Thaumiel & the Black Sun
Enoch Petrucelly Hades: Crossing the Abyss

In this group grimoire by eight preeminent demonologists, you will learn:

Exordium. Timothy – The Antichrist Manifesto
This 8,700-Word Foreword By The Editor Finally Reveals The TRUE Story Of How He & E.A. Koetting Aspired To Ignite A Modern Demonic Overthrow… Learn Consensus Left Hand Path Metaphysics A.K.A. The Antichrist Philosophy And Become A Vanguard In The War For Human Ascent

Out of cosmic chaos, the black magician and black witch rise to godhood. Only the infinite nothingness of the abyss can provide the freedom of space necessary to facilitate an emergence of this unlimited magnitude; only the constant volatility of antagonistic forces in perpetually countervailing cycles of change can provide the infinite amount of energy necessary to fuel ascent of this topless height. To summarize metaphysics of the Left Hand Path in a sentence: constant change through cycling opposites, e.g., birth and death, provides unlimited metaphysical space and energy, i.e., chaos, to empower black magicians to ascend to godhood. — p.25

Conclusive, consensus definitions of ancient sinister concepts & terminology like chaos, abyss, black magick, optimistic nihilism, devil, left hand, apocalypse, antichrist & more — p.9-35
The TRUE story of how Timothy & E.A. united in a mission to ignite modern ascent and overthrow human slavery — p.9
4 helpful, bite-sized summaries of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers saga thus far from Belial to Lucifer-Amaymon to Azazel through Abaddon — p.16
Infernal Apocalypse of the Supernal Empire — A 9-point chart and exegesis that closely compares and contrasts Left & Rite Hand Path doctrines — p.14
Will to Power: Antagonism as a Motor of Ascent — An interpretation of Friedrich Nietzsche’s legendary “will to power” and “eternal recurrence” as the fundamental grounds of Left Hand Path doctrine — p.25
Immortal Omnipresence: Anti-Transmigration & Ascent Through Descent — the world’s first dissertation on the ambition for omnipresent immortality instead of misanthropic escapism through “rising on the planes” — p.27
Optimistic Nihilism: Orgasms in the Cosmic Abyss — p.28

The Antichrist signifies an inverse identity, negative archetype, or adverse mantle—not an individual figure by name, but an entire subversive zeitgeist. In contradiction to Christ, Antichrist means the unanointed, the unchosen, the unwashed, the undesirables, the anti-elite. If Christ comprises the elite, then Antichrist encompasses the people. — p.31

The Antichrist: Antihero of the People — why black magicians as a collective act as the Antichrist and overthrow “christ” a.k.a. the god of elitism, class privilege, and victimhood — p.29
The Pantheon: A Union of Gods — Unveiling black magick’s first horizontal, classless social organization called the Pantheon, also known as a Union of Gods & Goddesses a.k.a. the Deific Circle — instead of a traditional vertical hierarchy like a churches or temple — p.32
1. E.A. Koetting – The Grimoire Of Abaddon
Here’s The Angel Of The Bottomless Pit’s Ultimate Grimoire Of Necromantic Sorcery, Baneful Magick & Binding Spells… Learn To Harness The Unlimited Power Of Dark Goddess Kali In Her Most Lawless Form, And Find Out Why E.A. Evoked & Cursed The Archangels To Their Faces — A MUST READ
A behemoth 33,000-word Book of Shadows  filled with highly enlightening & often terrifying encounters with Abaddon, Azazel, Belial, Amaymon, Kali, the Archangels & more — a full-length 100-page book in itself — p.37-135
True “overcoming the odds” story of how E.A. performed black magick to resurrect a dying “road to nowhere” life in his early 30’s to FINALLY find his path to godhood — p.46-7
How to perform ancient Hindu japa meditation with a mala, mantra & more to “drop mind” and open your Third Eye for revelation with the darkest female mask of Abaddon, known as Kali, Mother of Death — p.50-6

What’s being summoned, what’s being created here is the manifestation of the Father, The Lord of Darkness, manifested in physical form as the Prince of Darkness, called by prophecy the Antichrist.
This is not Satan. This is older than Amaymon. It is even older, greater, deeper than Abaddon, the Lord of Darkness.
This is a force, an entity, a Supreme Being that I’ve learned to call The Father when speaking casually.
When I’m speaking ceremonially, when I’m speaking ritually, when I’m speaking in the magickal tongue, this is a being that I refer to as Satolas. — p.58

Origin & eschatology of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers, cosmology of the Infernal Empire, and relationship dynamics between nobility like Prince of Darkness, the Lord of Darkness, the Antichrist & the Father — p.58-60
Live transcription of calling down the Four Demonic Kings with Lucifer, submerging into the Lake of Fire, my recipe of a Demogorgon Elixir, and accompanied Roman Ritual exorcism — p.61-5

I was not merely issuing threats, but I armed every statement with fixed intent and magickal Will, arming the words as weapons, curses laid against the Archangel.
The angel suffocated the moment that his sigil touched the Elixir, and every word I spoke cemented his torment.
“Uriel, this is but the Sword of my Ancestors,” I informed him. “It is but a symbol. There is another sword that I have, another sword that I hold. I myself am the Sword of Azazel!” — p.69

Live transcription of summoning Archangels of the Watchtowers, baptizing them in Marks of Damnation & their ensuing belligerence toward my destroying the Kingdom of God  — my black-blood curse on Raphael, Michael, Gabriel & Uriel with my Hand of Darkness — p.66-9
Black energy body techniques called Black Renunciation & Heretical Hubris that mirror the Will to Power & Eternal Recurrence of the cosmos through annihilation of limitation & aggrandizement of black energy — p.81-97
Jiva-Samsara Karma Trap — Necessary ritual formula, ritual elements, status idols & deific orations to perform a binding curse through Pomba Gira that forces your victim’s most painful emotional traumas to re-surface, bind, and suffocate them — p.101-13
The Monster God, the Black Sphinx & the Locust Army — three high-powered clairvoyant rites of the magickal imagination for progressive initiation — p.115-28

This is the process of the creation of the Devil’s Idol. Once complete, it will no longer be a human skull, but it will be the Devil’s Skull, a direct link to the Lord of Darkness, whose eyes will burn red in the empty sockets, whose voice will be heard from the cracked teeth, whose dark power will radiate from within the bones. — p.129

The Devil’s Idol — Extreme Version — The ultimate necromantic ritual that comprises reanimation of a human skull through Jiva-liberation and sealing the soul by the Ze’al Chakra, then reincarnational possession empowered by the Unborn Ones, Akepheru — p.129-35
Completion of the First Cycle a.k.a. The Ignition Cycle consisting of full communion with Belial, Amaymon, Azazel & Abaddon thus locking their Gates open within you — p.135

2. Michael W. Ford – Apollyon: The True Origins Of The Biblical Demon
Get Your “PhD In Demonology” With This Academic Masterclass In The Arcane Historical Origins Of Abaddon… Discover The REAL Truth About His Deific Incarnations As Mot In Canaan, Apollo In Greece, And His Connexions To The Qliphoth, Locust Demons & Hell Realms
The Talisman of the Angel of Death for Power as channelled into a human, printed form by Akhtya — p.137
Three historic, magickal portraits of Abaddon as Apollyon from earlier civilizations— p.138-40
The Quintessence of Apotheosis — helpful clarification & commentary on supreme ambitions of numerous magickal traditions like Thelema, Luciferianism & modern Left Hand Pathworking… comparing & contrasting their “high magick” concepts like the Holy Guardian Angel, Incarnation of the Daemon, and to Become A Living God.

After the Attainment and Illumination of your Daemon, if it is your Will, the journey and crossing of the Abyss will occur; often a shocking and terrifying experience in which the essence of the individual is revealed and only the strength and will of the Luciferian can master this darkness and chaos. — p.141

Logic behind the dynamic relationship of high points & pitfalls on a soul journey: Initiation, Attainment & Illumination, Crossing the Abyss, Outer Darkness, Chaos & more — and why a Luciferian Witch a.k.a. Brother or Sister of Witch Blood copes with the dangers of ascent better than anyone else — p.141
Precise etymological analysis and historical roots of Abaddon as an underworld place of damnation for the dead — p.143-4

The Luciferian must embrace the demonic not as merely a destroying force, not even “evil” beyond chosen aims; the demonic forms all are grounded in specific types of energies and associations the Deific Mask represents. A horned devil, winged as a bat, a body green and black with grotesque mockeries of animals and reptiles, the claws and talons of a bird of prey all have hidden meaning. — p.146

Deciphering the occult meaning of Abaddon in the Book of Revelation from the New Testament of the Christian Bible — p.147-8
Exhuming the true origins of Abaddon in ancient Canaanite Mot the God of Death in Ugaritic lore, particularly the myth of Shachar & Shalim — p.148
Resurrecting a magick connexion back to Olympian deity Apollo Hekatos the “shooter from afar” then Appaliunas the father lion and his final association to destruction as king of locusts — p.149-50
A journey through the god’s future inverted syncretistic enhancements as Demonic King of the Abyss & Angel of the Bottomless Pit and incarnation as Canaanite, Syrian and Egyptian deity Resheph the Lord of Arrows — p.150-1

Luciferians reject the cosmology of the Hebrew god, finding that the Qliphoth in a Hermetic sense is the key to the theurgic balance of the Adversary as defined in various ancient pantheons containing the origins of Qliphothic demons and fallen angels. — p.153

Insights into the cosmology of the Qliphoth, the Seven Layers of Hell, and the Shadow Place of Abaddon — p.152-3
Breakthrough discoveries in the magick behind the Neo-Assyrian Locust Demons, Sedu & Lamassu, and findings related to Akkadian scorpion deities, the Girtablullu, and their combined morphological connexions to Abaddon as King of Locusts in Revelation— p.155-8
The Hymns of Exterminans — a ceremony to invoke the Black Sun and open the Abyss — p.159-60
3. Edgar Kerval – Abaddon: The God Of Death & Destruction
Embark On A Fearless Immersion Into Abaddon’s Necromancy Through Forbidden Knowledge Of Blood Magick & Ritual Sacrifice… Undergo The Initiatory Path Of Fire By Evoking Two Demonic Masks, The Hunter & Vampire Predator
Closest approximations of the true identity behind Abaddon in context of occultists equating him with Samael & Satan — p.163
Academic speculation on why John the Apostle — alleged author of Book of Revelation — knowingly linked Abaddon and Apollyon even though it invokes an imprecise Greek translation — p.165
The earthly reflection of Apollyon in Vespasian’s son Titus, commander of Legio XV Apollinaris — p.165-6
Central definition of consciousness in context of the Left Hand Path

The deliberate act of allowing the consecrated blood of a ritually sacrificed life can act as a catalyst that rips open the veil that separates the material realm from the spirit realm. — p.169

Uncensored insights into ancient occult praxes of ritual human sacrifice, tribal headhunting, exhumation of corpses & bloodletting — p.169-70
How to fashion the Abaddon Fetish to anchor his death essence in your temple — p.176
Embark on a fearless initiation with two sinister deific masks & sigils of Abaddon: Mask of the Hunter & Mask of Vampire Predator — p.177-8
4. Bill Duvendack – Ululate Exitium: The Great Beast
An Occult Survey Of The Demonology Behind Abaddon That Reveals The Powerful Connexions Between The “Great Beast” Megatherium,  “The Shadow” From Dr. Carl Jung & H.P. Lovecraft’s “Dweller On The Threshold”
Critique of canon references to Abaddon in not only Book of Revelation but in other prominent Abrahamic holy texts such as Book of Job and Acts of Thomas from the Gnostic tradition — p.181-2
An honest, sober exegesis on animal instincts in humans, the Beast, a connexion to the famous magician The Great Beast a.k.a. Aleister Crowley, Megatherion, and roots in the reptilian brain — p.183-4

…in this realization we find the quintessential correspondence at the core of Abaddon’s character: He is an embodiment of “The Beast.” It is that raw, primal, unbridled creature that lives in all of us … similarities between Abaddon, “The Beast,” referencing Aleister Crowley and not, Choronzon, the Dweller on the Threshold, and the bestial nature of the human condition— p.180

A modern magickal guide to Dr. Carl Jung’s work with the subconscious Shadow Self — and — the Dweller of the Threshold — how they both relate to Abaddon and the Beast, and how to reconcile these psychic forces ritually — p.188
Encounters with Choronzon — one of the most interesting characters in the western esoteric tradition — journeying the Path of Gimel, revelations on his true identity as a rebel demon, and thus connexion to Abaddon — p.189-91
Occult analysis of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Thing on the Doorstep” as horror fiction that dovetails Abaddon — p.191-2
The Realm of the Dead — the demonological necromancy of Abaddon as he corresponds to Hebrew “Sheol” known as a backbone concept to Christian “Hell” — p.273
Closing suggestions to explore the Dark Goddess or “sacred whore” as her endless sexual lust pertains to a “bottomless pit” figuratively — p.194-5
5. Orlee Stewart – Liber Inferi : The Book Of Hell
Hear The Crazy But True Stories Of A Black Witch And Her Descent Into Hell With The “Forerunners Of The Apocalypse”… Unlock Mysteries From The Book Of Revelation With Help From Aleister Crowley & John Dee
An initiatory introduction to the mysterious “Forerunner of the Apocalypse” — p.199
A saga of crazy but true personal stories of a young black witch crossing the Abyss a.k.a. descending into hell, and her all-encompassing soul travel experiences in the Void where she encountered Ma’at the Egyptian death vulture goddess & more identifiable deities — p.199-208

The angel of death had taken the form of Ma’at, the Egyptian death vulture goddess who weighs the heart upon expiration against her feather. It was then I knew this emanation was chosen to comfort me as I had worked with the planet Saturn which is heavy in my chart as a guiding force through a maternal figure in Ma’at. In meeting death as my mother, I would not fear her. She approached me sweetly and told me that I was not going to be staying in the underworld because there was much more that I needed to accomplish in the world of the living. — p.203

New occult speculation on the purported, paradigm-changing Apocalypse Working — p.207
Helpful exploration of the 10th Aethry called Zax from Enochian Magick of John Dee that formulates Abaddon as the demon-guardian of knowledge, as mastered by Babalon according to Aleister Crowley  — p.208-9
Clairvoyant visions that suggesting human DNA evolving a third strand for transcendence through enlightenment — p.212
6. V.K. Jehannum – Apollyon: The Abyssal God Of Thaumiel & The Black Sun
Access A Painstakingly Comprehensive Reference Work On The Dark Angel Abaddon And His Magick Correspondences… Learn To Perform 19 Demonic Invocations, Sphereworkings & Rites To Awaken Your Deification
14+ recorded names of Abaddon known as canon and 6+ secret channelled names — p.213
Magick compass points, times of day, Greek letter, tarot card, sacred numbers, Isopsephy numeration, Gematria numeration, colors, alchemical elements, primary Qliphothic attribution, planetary attributions, and material attributions of Abaddon — p.213-4
Key demonological references to Abaddon such as The Man with the Hat’s epithets of the Black God… exactly why occultists recognize Abaddon as the demonic god of Thaumiel, the penultimate Qlipha attributed to Neptune and Pluto — p.215

I have seen Abaddon appear in the Inbetween both as a monstrous black wolf and as a shadowy figure wearing a white mask with red detail and eyeholes through which only blackness peered. In a vision, he appeared to me as a green anthropoid with several tentacles extending from within his black robes. Other visions have seen him as a red-scaled and black-eyed dragon, as well as a white octopus with a black underside and eyes that kept changing colors. — p.220

All-purpose chants to invoke & evoke both Abaddon and Apollo — p.221-4
Channelled empowerment chants and words of power to summon the macrocosmic forces of Abaddon in his numerous aspects of dragon, eagle, bear, serpent, and more — p.224-5
Calls upon Abaddon to demonically transmute, increase the openness of, and empower all major chakras — p.225
Channeled words of power for Apollo to empower a money spell — p.225
Revealed word of power for Abaddon to help commune with a Spirit Animal — p.226
Advanced calls and words of power for Abaddon to cause astral projection, perform shadowmancy, and commune with the Higher Self — p.226
Learn magickal hymns, perform the Mass of the Destroyer, a Daathic Sphereworking of Apollyn & the Therionick Rite of the Far-Striker — p.226-33
Invoke Abaddon’s most powerful female aspect and his wolf aspect, and undertake the Omniplanar Fortification of Abaddon to strengthen the human spirit bodies — p.233-4
Embark a powerful mini-pathworking through the Ritual of the Wyvern, Rite of the Two-Headed Serpent, the Black Rite of the Eagle, and highly necromantic Rite of the Legion of Death — p.236-9
7. Enoch B. Petrucelly – Hades: Crossing The Abyss Into Non-Being
A High-Powered Grimoire On Hades The Greek God Of Death Along With His Magick Connexions, Sigil, And Evocation Ritual… Undertake The Initiation Rite Of Crossing The Abyss To Access The Underworld Also Known As “The Void” And “Universe B”
Helpful introduction to the genealogy behind Greek Lord of the Dead and ruler of the Underworld, Hades, his necromantic powers, and known talismans like Helmet of Invisibility — p.242
Babe of the Abyss, the River Aheron & Ego Death — how Abaddon incarnates under a form of Hades, shepherds a magician across the Void or Bottomless Pit as a parallel to ego death, leaving the human baby-like  — p.242-3

In my own experience using the Daemon Tongue language, I know it is working when I feel my forehead fill with buzzing and pulsing energies that become very intense and even pleasurable. — p.244

The Daemon Tongue Language — harness the power of a language channeled from Lucifer the Enlightener himself to enter gnosis with Abaddon, the Demonic Gatekeepers & the Qliphoth — p.243-4
Four-step ritual and geometric sigil to evoke Hades and receive priceless guidance in advance of the Rite of Crossing the Abyss — p.244
The Rite of Crossing the Abyss to undergo initiation and receive access to the Underworld also known as Universe B for a life-changing, spiritual, astral travel experience — complete with step-by-step help, experiential commentary, and urgent counsel — p.247
Hear the exhilarating story of my classic Abyss Crossing experience, my river-journey with Charon the ferryman of the Underworld, my trials and tribulations at the bottomless pit, my liberation in Elysium & more — p.247-8
The Fires of Hades — A fierce cursing rite empowered by the god of death along with a necessary sigil for possession — p.253-7
The Rite of the Aeon that immediately magnifies your connection with your Daemon and Daemon Ancestors — p.257-60
How to perform a full-length ritual of evocation of Badb the dark Irish Goddess of war — including her sigil for possession — p.261-5
Cursing the Slave Gods — a ritual of vengeance to overthrow any last binds to slave gods from your childhood religious indoctrination — perform this rite for greater freedom, power, and unbridled autonomy — p.265-70

Here’s the Christian history of Abaddon according to the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

A Star Fell From The Sky & Received The Key To The Abyss…

Revelation 9:1 The fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth. The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss.

Smoke Rose Out Of The Abyss And Darkened The Sun & Sky…

2 When he opened the Abyss, smoke rose from it like the smoke from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss.

A Plague of Locusts That Sting Like Scorpions Stormed The Earth Like War Horses And Tormented The Sorcerers, Witches & Sinners

3 And out of the smoke locusts came down on the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth.

4. They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads.

5. They were not allowed to kill them but only to torture them for five months. And the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion when it strikes.

6. During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.

7. The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. On their heads they wore something like crowns of gold, and their faces resembled human faces.

8. Their hair was like women’s hair, and their teeth were like lions’ teeth.

9. They had breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle.

10. They had tails with stingers, like scorpions, and in their tails they had power to torment people for five months.

The King Of Locusts, The Angel Of The Abyss, Known As Abaddon The Destroyer…

11 They had as King over them the Angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon, that is, Destroyer …

The Sorcerers, Witches & Sex Workers Would Not Apologize And Sinned Further

20 The rest of mankind still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk.

21. Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts.

Like the tip of an iceberg, these Book of Revelation verses barely scratch the surface of the demon Abaddon and his sorcery. Discover the TRUTH about the Fourth Demonic Gatekeeper in HIS words in Compendium of Abaddon right now…


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