ALBERT PIKE’S MAGNUM OPUS by Arturo de Hoyos 33°, G.C – Hardcover edition


ALBERT PIKE’S MAGNUM OPUS by Arturo de Hoyos 33°, G.C – Hardcover edition

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  • Includes a complete facsimile of the original text, and a full plaintext decryption of the secret work.
  • Illustrated.
  • Includes an index by S. Brent Morris, 33°, G.C.
  • Hardbound (8 3/4″ x 11 3/4″) with decorative covers designed by Bro. Steven Adams, two-colored half title; 687 pages.
  • Book is in new unread condition

NOTE: This is a large heavy book at nearly 5 lbs.

By Arturo de Hoyos, 33°, G.C., Grand Archivist and Grand Historian. First-ever authorized reprint of Albert Pike’s first draft of the complete Scottish Rite rituals, from 4° Secret Master, through 32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret. In 1855 the Supreme Council appointed a committee of five persons to standardize the rituals of the Scottish Rite. At the time Pike was the only 32° member of the committee, yet he was the only one to complete his task. Working on the rituals for two years he had printed, at his own expense, 100 copies of the ritual, which Albert G. Mackey dubbed the “Magnum Opus” or Great Work. Although the work was never officially adopted, it was a major step forward, and the text served as the basis for subsequent revisions. This valuable work allows us to trace the development of Scottish Rite ritual and philosophy. The lectures, which follow each degree, became the foundation for Pike’s “Morals and Dogma.” This book influenced the development of the Scottish Rite’s rituals in almost every country of the world.

  • The introduction includes a historical overview of the Scottish Rite’s ritual, and discuss the development from pre-1801 (John Mitchell’s rituals) through 1853 (Albert G. Mackey’s rituals).
  • The introduction also discusses the condition of the early rituals, the early Scottish Rite in Louisiana, the Cerneau Grand Consistory/Council, the Supreme Council of Louisiana, the rival Grand Lodges and a new Consistory in New Orleans, the Concordat of 1855, the 1855 ritual committee, and more.


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