ANTHOLOGY OF SORCERY: BOOK 2 with E.A. Koetting, S. Connolly and many more (Limited Edition Hardcover)


ANTHOLOGY OF SORCERY: BOOK 2 with E.A. Koetting, S. Connolly and many more (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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E. A. Koetting
Become a living God
Published by Become a Living God
Book is in unread condition.
  • 275 pages
  • Black hardcover cloth binding
  • Velvet bag to preserve book
Since the dawn of time, a special tiny minority of eccentric humans have defied the poisonous propaganda and mainstream culture of the tribe, and instead opened their eyes and ears to the spirits of the otherworld for true knowledge. These dedicated sorcerers and prophets dutifully channel the priceless wisdom and revelations of the immortal gods, angels, and demons of the astral world for the Ascent of humanity. While the tribe attacks and maligns these courageous few, they carry the torch of enlightenment forward nonetheless, at the risk of their own safety. Together in our Anthology of Sorcery: Book 2—Revelations the world’s foremost sorcerers and magicians have united to create an unprecedented tour de force of authentic spirit transmission that will maximize your evolution, and deindoctrinate the oppressive narrative of the Church and State. 
Table of Contents:
E.A. Koetting
Holding Open The Gates   Asenath Mason
The Destroying God   S. Connolly
Asmodai: An Unholy Trinity   

The Anarchist God Of Ireland   

S. Ben Qayin
The Spirit of Hatred   

Andrieh Vitimus
The Crucible of Sorath’s Fire   

Robert W. Cook

Jeffery Deuel
Going “Berserk” In The Modern Age   

Somnus Dreadwood
Undeath Apotheosis of the Buried King, Zazazel   

Alex Marysson
Convicted Murderer Summons Glasya Labolas In Prison   

Elliott Tyndale
The Power of Dakmonias   

Nikolaos A:O
Theregial, the Cube, and His Seven Aspects   

Nestor Avalos
Lords of the Underworld; and more   

Zac Shiffer
Death, the Great Teacher   

A.S. Christi
The Blue Grimoire   

Bella Vita
…Now, Throw Away Your Grimoire!   

C.J. Lee
Gateway Eclipsed by Darkness   

Baron von Pfaffenhofen
Ode to Lilith   

Adelphia Blood
Demon Familiars   

Frater X
Familiar Spirits   

Charles Webb
Communication With Non-Physical Forms 


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