ANTHOLOGY OF SORCERY: BOOK I with E.A. Koetting, Lon Milo DuQuette, S. Connolly and many more (Limited Edition Hardcover)


This is a limited edition hardcover of only 400 copies, bound in Dacron cloth. 353 pages. Book is in new unread condition.

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This is a limited edition hardcover of only 400 copies, bound in Dacron cloth. 353 pages. Book is in near fine condition with some light scuffing to foredge otherwise fine unread condition.
Your Favorite Occult Authors Reveal Their Sinister Knowledge Of The Left Hand Path In This Epic Collection Of Devilish Literature
From the Publisher:
Dear Friend,
I asked myself several revolutionary questions a year ago…
What if the most powerful magicians in the world co-authored the ULTIMATE grimoire of black magick?
Would the forbidden knowledge be too dangerous… is the book too evil?
Would inviting 17 hardcore sorcerers of fiercely opposing viewpoints cause serious trouble… and even trigger an occult world war?
If I were to create an Anthology of Sorcery, whom specifically would I include?
Would you like to know a secret?
I’ve always exalted occult authors. They galvanized me to pen my own demonic grimoires originally.
In a world of religious indoctrination and government propaganda, occult writers herald genuine spirituality. A grimoire, above all other so-called holy books, actually produces verifiable transcendental experiences.
Magick works. And those who dare channel the wisdom of the spirits are living sages.
The Anthology of Sorcery is my darkest dream come true, literally. It’s the culmination of exhaustive spellcasting, aimed expressly at manifesting the most elite “supergroup” of occult authors, to join me in creating the ultimate book of black magick.
Historically, greedy occultists have tried to hoard power and knowledge, refusing to share valuable discoveries, unless aspirants passed secret initiations and swore allegiance to their political order. This tome exhibits a starkly different and more evolved attitude than that. Quite frankly, all 17 magi are generously dispensing their most potent and enlightened information to anyone who wants it, as if collectively advancing a modern “open source” ethic. This is the guiding principle of Become A Living God.
If a soul desires spiritual knowledge, they deserve to learn.
Proudly Featuring My Supergroup Of Occult Artists…
Lon Milo DuQuette
U.S. Deputy National Grand Master General of Ordo Templi Orientis
Spirit Evocation and Exorcism
Robert Bruce
Professional author; Co-founder of Astral Dynamics
A Tale of Demonic Possession and Release
E.A. Koetting
Professional author; Co-founder of Become A Living God
The Gods of Kali Yuga
Michael W. Ford
Professional author; Founder of The Order of Phosphorus
The Infernal Path of Hekate
S. Connolly
Professional author; Co-founder of Ordo Flammeus Serpens
Pacts with Daemons
Asenath Mason
Professional author; Founder of Temple of Ascending Flame
Pact with Lucifer
Dante Abiel
Professional author; Head of The Order of the 13th Judgement
The Black Trinity
Anima Noira
Occult luminary; Founder of Ancestral Magick
Experiencing the Rituals of the Left Hand Path
Jason Miller
Professional author; Founder of Strategic Sorcery
God Is a Bullet
Phil Farber
Professional author; NLP Master Trainer
What Sort of Sorcery?
Semjaza & Vamperess
Black metal musicians; Co-founders of Order of Promethean Fyre
The Wakeful Ones
Charles Cosimano
Professional author; Psionics pioneer
Vampire Is as Vampire Does
Eric Colon
Founder of The American Society for the Preservation of Palo Mayombe
Bloodletting and Sacrifice in Palo Mayombe
Nemo Alius 171
Doctor of Philosophy
The Black Order of the Ages
Michael Wood
Expert ritualist
Ascetic Immolation
Néstor Avalos
Professional artist; Founder of Sueños de Luna
Shiva the Destroyer; and Other Illustrations
Zac Shiffer
Professional artist; Member of Last Rites Gallery
The Watcher; and Other Paintings


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