ARCANUM by Daniel Yates – Paperback Edition

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ARCANUM by Daniel Yates – Paperback Edition

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Paperback Edition [OCTAVO Series] (First Print of 500 copies):

6 x 9 inches. 200 pages. German Binding. Gloss (Scuff Free) finish, and Silver Foil Stamp on cover, spine, and backcover. Full Colour interior (illustrations and photography). Fine typography, printed on EuroArt 200M (thick) archive-quality paper. Book is in new unread condition.

Published by Anathema Publishing

From the Publisher:

• Foreword by Martin Duffy (The Devil’s RaimentsEffigy: Of Graven Image and Holy Idol)

• Over 15 hand-drawn Illustrations from David S. Herrerias (The Book of Q’Ab-iTz)

• Numerous High-Resolution Photographies

“This is a book of soliloquy, of word, thought, and sight put forth amidst sign and cipher. It is a grimoire of a different order – a cryptogrammatrix of mediums to enflesh the unknown into a form that will conceal and never reveal, except to those who have the eyes to see.” ~Daniel Yates

Arcanum serves as a photographic exploration of its namesake, a journey into the ‘other’ through the vision of another. In a world shaped by textual forms, Arcanum aims to delineate expectations, and to open a window into a more fluid,  dynamic world where interpretation is truly left to the beholder.

This work aims to challenge the accepted norms of how the occult is perceived and rendered in image. By passing light through the forge of the lens, Daniel Yates teases out from the shadows a world that lies hidden in plain sight, exposing concepts that are often elusive and intangible yet ever present. Each image in this work is a window into a much deeper stratum of awareness and understanding. The contemplation of the image over time will reveal to the onlooker an arcanum that is purely their own.

“As repositories of ‘captured’ power and virtue, images are often employed as a meditative focus, and within such states of contemplation the divide separating the observer and observed is dissolved, the two becoming as one. Herein the image becomes a window or doorway into another world; by entering them, the seeker is able to explore and interact with the landscapes, creatures, and objects therein depicted. Through such engagement the fixed image is brought to life, and in traversing these living landscapes, and exploring the vistas created through texture and colour, the wanderer comes to better understand the mysteries therein enciphered. The single moment captured within a photograph affords the individual a point of meditative focus, and an expanding breadth of understanding.” ~Martin Duffy


Around the nowl of the dragon
In the conclave beyond time
The grand alignment of the sky

Beyond the heptanomis
At the gasp of life
Time draws down the sacrificial knife

Boundless forms confluence
My dreaming self in a motionless dance
At the pinnacle I am still

Tearing apart the masks of man
Revelations of the empyrean shadow
Casts forth a sinistral light

For by the turning of all within
I project forth with blessed sight


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