ARTIS INFERI: A Collection of Grimoires (Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover)


ARTIS INFERI: A Collection of Grimoires (Leather Bound Limited Edition Hardcover)

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722 pages !!! 100gr paper used

16 magic Grimoires and other texts in this book !!!

Over 536 plates, figures, sigils or tables !!!

A private hardback leather band and handmade book.

Fifth Worldwide copy.


  • Item condition : fine condition
  • This is a Heavy Hardback Huge Folio.
  • Quality leather cover on spine. Gold alike gilding tooled and ¼ leather binding.
  • Six compartment raised bordered spine and Marbled End Papers.
  • A totally handmade and traditionally binded book. Method of binding is an old Byzantine done by a Greek traditional binder.
  • It is a heavy (88.9 oz) book size (11.57 x 8.8 x 2.16 ) inches
  • A must for any Philosophy/Spirituality fan or Collector.


This book was bound by a Greek binder from Thessaloniki , Greece using an old traditional Greek-Byzantine method originated from Konstantinoupolis. The binder is one of the last of users of this lost method.

The gilding center tool that was used is an antique one from a private collection of gilding tools aged back to 19 th century. It depicts a ‘Rose’ which is a very important symbol for Esoteric studies.

Combination of gilding by antique 19 th century British tool and Byzantine historic handmade binding method used from a Greek binder make this book Totally Unique and Highly Collectible !!!

This is the Fifth Worldwide copy of this privately printed and binded book.

Anyone who studies, magic Grimoires, and Occultism will understand that the list of works included in this volume are rare and complete. For example in only one volume you can have the complete texts of the most important magic works like the ‘ Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage ’ in all three complete books and the ‘ Arbatel of Magic ’ or the ‘ Grimoire of Honorious ’. Many other rare texts are in this volume like the ‘ Black Pullett (or The Hen with the Golden Eggs) ’ or the ‘ Book of Dagon ’.

The ‘ Black Pullet ’ is a very rare text. Of course there is also the ‘ Grand Lodge Grimoire ’ a very well known and important Grimoire.

Lastly, the ‘ Tuba Veneris’ or ‘The Trumpet of Venus’ is not an easy to find printed Grimoire .

Really, don’t miss the opportunity to have this book because they will be made few copies and you will never find a full collection of the most important magic Grimoires in just one volume again.

And what a volume..hardback handmade and bind with an old and rare Byzantine method by a Greek binder. This is like a historic antique found only in a museum. Think of the collectible value of this book and how it will grow through years.

It is like coming from the past ages into our presence. You will feel proud of having this peace of Art (by all means..) in your library.

There are 16 Magic Grimoires in this book and below I give you the full list of them.

After the List I give some fractions from each of the works.

Just think…if you try to buy all these works one by one on leather editions you will have to pay a small fortune !

List of works on the ‘Artis Inferi’

1. Liber ;vbh (CHANOKH) – John Dee

2. Liber Logaeth – Al Azif (The true Necronomicon)

3. Grimoire of Honorious

4. Libellus Magicus – John G. White

5. The Arbatel of Magic – S. Sapientiae

6. The Grimoire Of Armadel

7. The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage – Book I

8. The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage – Book II

9. The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage – Book III

10. The Secret Grimoire of Turiel

11. The Black Pullett (or The Hen with the Golden Eggs)

12. Olypus The Assistence of the Shinning Ones

13. Demonology

14. The Book of Dagon

15. Tuba Veneris of the Trumpet of Venus

16. The Grand Lodge Grimoire


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