BLACK MAGICK: THE LEFT HAND PATH by Timothy (DELUXE Leather Bound Hardcover Edition of only 50 copies)


One of only 50 Deluxe leather hardcover copies with custom velvet bag and box. Book is in new unread condition and is still in the publisher’s original shrinkwrap.

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One of only 50 Deluxe leather hardcover copies with custom velvet bag and box. Book is in new unread condition and is still in the publisher’s original shrinkwrap.

I have completed a monumental mission that no one else has ever done before.

I have plucked the poisonous weeds of religious theism out of the lush garden of black magick once and for all—and instead planted the roots of the Left Hand Path into the mineralized soil of heterodox philosophy.

Together, we furnish all the sunlight and water necessary for its beauty and genius to flower forever.

What does philosophy matter to magick? And what does heterodox mean?

Philosophy—believe it or not—is the truest backbone, the spine, of the Left Hand Path. The term heterodox means alternate, unconventional, or unorthodox. The designation of “left hand path” literally means the alternate path of attainment, in contrast to “right hand path” which signifies ordinary, conventional, or orthodox.

In other words, if Right Hand path suggests orthodox religious belief, then Left Hand Path denotes the alternative to that—heterodox philosophy.

What qualifies as heterodox philosophy? For example…

• Jean-Paul Sartre: radical freedom of existentiallism.

• Friedrich Nietzsche: will to power and atheistic adversarialism.

• Max Stirner: egoism and individualistic anarchism.

• Aristotle: eudaimonia and virtuous happiness.

• Immanuel Kant: secular ethics and logic.

In essence, anything that opposes traditional religious dogma, and liberates the individual to enact their own power for their own cause.

How Does The The Left Hand Path Revolt Against And Evolve Past The Right Hand Path?

The Left Hand Path does not need religion; it can utilize the natural forces of the astral plane and undergo possession with native spirits without ever believing in a god—in this sense, it qualifies as atheistic and agnostic. The principles of black magick are 100% secular: (1) Individuality (2) Freedom (3) Power. And a sorcerer strives to maximize these virtues in the Ascent to Godhood. The term godhood is simply a metaphor for a fully actualized person—not a literal identity.

On the other hand, the Right Hand Path quite literally is a religion! Its three central tenets are theistic: (1) God exists. (2) Divine law exists. (3) Divine retribution exists. These three classic beliefs make up the basis of almost every religion, especially Middle Eastern monotheism. An “atheistic white magick” does not and cannot exist, because the whole purpose amounts to “uniting with the divine”—what they call gnosis.

Frankly, if you hate Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, then you also despise white magic by definition, because it descends from their monotheism & henotheism via gnosticism and qabbalah—both of which are merely “mystery traditions” of that lineage.

In point of fact, many white magicians are black magicians, but do not realize it. They just consider the term “sorcery” too spooky for their fragile little brains, so they hide behind the soft, pretty term “white magic”. In any event, my tour de force, Black Magick: The Left Hand Path absolutely blows the lid off the Right Hand Path, and enlightens the reader on the truth of the Left Hand Path in a way nobody has ever done before.


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