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CHTHONIC REVELATIONS: A Left-Hand Path Study on the Mysterical Cult of Trophonios


CHTHONIC REVELATIONS: A Left-Hand Path Study on the Mysterical Cult of Trophonios

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Specifications: 85 pages, 135 g. coated paper. Duodecimo size (135×190 mm.), soft cover bound in faux crushed leather with black end-papers (140 g.). Cover hot-stamped in gray with the Chthonic Revelations logo. Hand-sewed spine. 300 hand-numbered copies.
The first 70 copies are presented in a black rugged folder, sigilized in silver with the staff of Trophonios and wax-sealed by hand with the Nox Sine Occasu seal.

From the beginning of time humanity has recurred to the supernatural in times of need. Alongside the more common manifestations of state religion, ancient Greeks sought individual contact and assistance, as well as influence, with the spiritual realms through other channels. Religious ritual had the intended purpose of giving a god their just due honor, or asking for divine intervention and favor, while the practice of magic included rites that did not play a part in worship. But there was a place, the Oracle of Trophonios, that had elements taken from both worlds; it was a religious practice done through magical methods, worshiping a demigod while being initiated into the Mysteries.

Trophonios may be somewhat an obscure mythological figure to the modern occultist, but his influence was felt all over the ancient world. Trophonios (whose name translates into “Nourisher of the mind”) was a demigod, son of the god Apollon and a mortal woman, and gifted in the art of prophecy. Amongst the many who visited his oracle, we have a few names that still resonate throughout history, like the Pythagorean philosopher Apollonios of Tyana, the General Philippos of Makedon, or the great geographer Pausanias. At his grove in Lebadeia, Trophonios appeared before those who sought him and spoke through images of horror that rent the petitioners temporarily unsound. It is his strong connection to the chthonic forces (after all, he was swallowed by the earth, according to the myth), together with his ascension to godhood, that make him especially apt as a tutelary daimon for the Left-Hand practitioner.

Through the pages of Chthonic Revelations, we will learn of Trophonios’ life as a mortal and his ascension to godhood from the perspective of a LHP practitioner, and for those who dare, the keys to making contact with the Giver of Nightmares are given as well. The first part of the book will take us to Ancient Greece, where we will analyze the particularities of Trophonios’ Oracle and its links to other mysterical cults. The second part of Chthonic Revelations focuses on the applications a modern, solitary practitioner of the LHP can make use of, both for mundane and spiritual purposes.

Before we start thinking about how one would work with Trophonios though, it is important to ask ourselves why. Any magical working implies a risk, but to anybody who knows anything about Trophonios it would seem apparent that working with Him is a risk too big, just to get some answers and counsel. The fact is that Trophonios is a difficult entity to work with, and therefore we can not recommend it as an initial choice for those who have just started dabbling with the occult. These are forces that can tear your mind apart without even intending to do so, and unlike the ancient Greeks did, you will not have a group of experienced priests to put your mind back together. The answer to that question is thoroughly explained within the pages of this work, revealing a secret that has the potential to change the way we contemplate our own immortality.

Lastly, and quoting the book’s author, “for all those true Hellenic worshipers we must note that the views portrayed in this work are from the perspective of a Left-Hand Path practitioner. It was never our intention to accurately recreate the ancient worship of Trophonios, but to bring the essence of it and allow those who are interested in it to learn from the experience that contacting the divine grants. There are many groups out there that already worship the ancient gods according to the traditional ways, so our goal was to give an alternative for those LHP practitioners who prefer a solitary approach to the subject, one more in accordance with their own cosmovision.”



From manhood to godhood
The Oracle
Breaking down the initiatory process

Trophonios as a tutelary daimon
Ophidic Meditation
The Initiation Ritual
Setting up the Pholeos
Spells and Offerings

FInal Thoughts




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