CLAVICULA NOX V: Magic and Mayhem (Soft Cover)

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CLAVICULA NOX V: Magic and Mayhem – in Wraps

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Clavicula Nox, Magic & Mayhem Issue #5, published by Ixaxaar. Long sold out at the publisher and getting to be a tough find.

Packed with illustrations, including reproductions of artworks by Wiley Trieff, Fosco Culto, Kristiina Lehto, Tobias Konemann and more.

This copy is in near fine condition. It is in larger  10″ x 8″, and 60 pages long, and using quality heavy art paper stock, with thick card covers.

Honouring the Covenant to the forbidden teachings of Traditional-Diabolism & Sorcery.

The Commemoration of Lord Qayin by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, The Curse of the Burning Grave by Frater Ben Nachash, The Way of the Night by Asenath Mason, West Country Curse-Magic by Gemma Gary, Djavulspakt- Infernal Pacts in traditional Swedish Witchcraft by C.A. Nordblom, Intoxication, Seership, and the Poison Path by Sarah Lawless, Wyrd by G.


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