CLAVIS volume 2 Journal of Occult Arts, Letters and Experience (Softcover limited edition)


CLAVIS volume 2 Journal of Occult Arts, Letters and Experience

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Standard edition Softcover. Quarto. 216pp. Pictorial covers. Color & b/w illustrations. Sewn. Standard edition of 1,600 copies. The second issue of this well-produced journal of occult art and articles features more than twice the content of the first issue, with an international fellowship of contributors. Henrik Bogdan discusses the nature of Secrecy in Occult Orders, and Dr. Gordan Djurdjevic explores both the perils and allure of sex magical workings with Our Lady Babalon. In its first major English manifesto, the German magical order Fraternitas Saturni discusses the magical gnosis of Saturn. Esoteric Astrologer Austin Coppock explores baneful celestial powers in his essay “Death From Above”, and Michael Howard writes of the Freemason’s Artificer. Also includes an unpublished ritual and art by Andrew D. Chumbley; research on Arabian magical Talismans; a rite from Cornish Witchcraft practitioner Gemma Gary, and the Faustian essay “Theatre of Personality” by Aaron Piccirillo. New contributors include Carlos Melgoza, Robert Hull, and AR Craig. Printed on heavy art stock, Volume 2 is graced by the occult imagery of Madeleine Von Foerster, Billy Davis, Brigid Marlin, Jamie Sweetman, Richard Kirk, John Kleckner, Jose Luis Rodriguez Guerra, Benjamin Vierling, Joseph Uccello, Raven Ebner, among others.

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