CODEX HOMUNCULI by Joseph Uccello (Special Hand bound in mottled kidskin, Monstra Edition)


CODEX HOMUNCULI by Joseph Uccello (Special Hand bound in mottled kidskin, Monstra Edition)



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Signed limited edition of 11 copies (Monstra) in hand-mottled kid skin, blind-stamped with homuncular signs. 288 pages. Illustrated and with references. This is number 12 rare (Out of Series) copy. Book is in new unread condition.

From the publisher:

OCCLITH Labyrinthus Archidoxæ 
Florilegium of the arcane sciences in seven volumes, numbered 0–6. 

Ancient Magical, alchemical and hermetic texts on the creation, uses, attributes and implications of artificial human beings, & related Matters. 

And if thou wilt see and behold this Workman, even by mortal things that are upon Earth, and in the deep, consider, O Son, how Man is made and framed in the Womb; and examine diligently the skill, and cunning of the Workman, and learn who it was that wrought and fashioned the beautiful and Divine shape of Man… 
—Divine Pymander 

Table of Contents:
New English Translations Theophrastus von Hohenheim (Paracelsus): 
– i Liber de Homunculis 
– ii Liber de Imaginibus 
– iii Liber de Natis Animalibus ex Sodomia 
– iv Ex Libro de Imaginatione Gerhard Dorn: 
– v Dictionarium Theophrasti Paracelsi: Homunculus Alonso Tostado: 
– vi Librum Paradoxarum: Paradoxon Primum pseudo-Plato: 
– vii Liber Vaccæ Heinrich Khunrath: 
– viii The Hermaphrodite Jābir ibn Hayyān: 
– ix takwn (Kitāb al-tajmīʿ) Muhammad ibn Umail: 
– x Kitāb H.all ar-Rumūz Zhang Boduan, Wu Shouyang: 
– xi The Embryo of Sainthood 

Early Modern English Translations 

– 1 Of the Generations of Naturall Things 

Oswald Croll: 
– 2 Præfatio Admonitoria, chs. ii, iii 

Michael Sendivogius: 
– 3 A New Light of Alchymie 

Jakob Böhme: 
– 4 The Shaping of the Magical Child 

Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus: 
– 5 The Divine Pymander·Asclepius 

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim: 
– 6 de Occulta Philosophia Libri iii 




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