CYPRIAN OF ANTIOCH: A Mage of Many Faces by Frater Acher – Hardcover Edition


CYPRIAN OF ANTIOCH: A Mage of Many Faces by Frater Acher – Hardcover Edition

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Hardcover edition of 310 pages. Book is in new unread condition.

Published by Queen publishing/Goblyn Market 2017

Cyprian of Antioch: a Mage of Many Faces is a detailed analysis of some of the lesser-known strands of myth, history, evidence, and magical hearsay that surround the enigmatic Cyprian of Antioch. It moves beyond the well-known territory of St. Cyprian and peers into some of the more hidden areas of the Mage’s history and legend, unearthing a complex and beautiful path that leads, ultimately, back to one man.

The story of Cyprian first cast its shadow over the world of fourth-century Christendom. And though this world was quickly sanitized, Cyprian’s shadow stuck fast, a mixture of pitch and ashes, and ever since then it has stayed with us in our history of the Magical West.”

In his well-known and highly articulate voice, Frater Acher takes us on a magical journey where we visit hidden shrines and tombs in Rome. He narrates for us the first English translation of a little-known Germany fairy tale by Theodor Storm, and he shows us lost fragments of folk magic. He takes us diving into the Greek Magical Papyri, and together, we circle in ever decreasing circles in the maze of history that leads us face to face with Cyprian of Antioch: magician, holy man, seer, healer and patron of magic.

Featuring full-colour images of rarely seen locations, artefacts, and iconography, and an exclusive icon of Cyprian of Antioch by magical artist Stuart Littlejohn, this cloth hardbound presentation, complete with dust jacket, is a rich, beautiful, and intelligent look at our distant magical, mystical, and religious past. Written for practitioners, historians, and students of Western magic, mysticism, and esoteric Christianity, this book, while careful and rigorous in its approach, detailed in its analysis, and strongly referenced, is nevertheless highly accessible, and an absolutely fascinating read.

Contents include: Cyprian the ancient—from Antioch to Rome; Cyprian of Two Worlds—the Oratio Cypriani; Cyprian of Folk Magic—the Mirror of Cyprianus; Cyprian of the Mysteries—the Many Faces of Divination; Cyprian of Cyprus—the great Female Divine; as well as a preface, introduction, afterword, and full bibliography.

About the Author
Frater Acher is the author of as well as a friend and collaborator of Quareia Magical Training. He holds an MA in Communications Science, Intercultural Communications and Psychology as well as certifications in Systemic Coaching and Gestalt Therapy. He has studied Western Ritual Magic in theory and practice at IMBOLC and has been actively involved in magic for more than twenty years. Frater Acher is a German national, and after several years of living abroad, he is now resident in Munich, Germany.

It’s a treasure.– Jake Stratton Kent Author: The Testament of Cyprian the Mage


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