CYPRIANUS KEY TO HELL (Very Rare Velvet and Silk Bound Limited Edition)


CYPRIANUS KEY TO HELL (Very Rare Velvet and Silk Bound Limited Edition)

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Cyprianus, Key to Hell, Society of Esoteric Endeavour, Numbered limited edition of 60 copies (This copy being # 41) . 40pp, (9ins x 6ins) including two foldouts , not including blanks. Facsimile with English translation.  The original manuscript was bound in scarlet velvet This facsimile reprint is likewise bound in red velvet. Please note, the vast majority of “velvet” nowadays are made from cotton or synthetic modern fibers. This is bound in real velvet made from real silk. The difference is in the feel and in the shimmer that the upstanding fibers give when viewed from different angles. It is probably the shimmering effect that the original binder sought, as on the paste-downs he used a green silk. The crossing fibers creating an “interference” pattern. This has been reproduced in this edition but with two layers, to maximize the shimmering effect. The pages of the grimoire are a riot of colour and the glimmer of real gold.

The book is in very good condition with some rubbing to the velvet is some areas. However this book was produced to look used and worn and goes with the aesthetic of this work of art.


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