ENTERING THE DESERT: Pilgrimage into the Hinterlands of the Soul by Craig Williams (Trade Paperback Edition)

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ENTERING THE DESERT: Pilgrimage into the Hinterlands of the Soul by Craig Williams (Trade Paperback Edition)

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Format: 5.25 x 8.5 inches. 176 pages. German Binding. Velvet Matte (Scuff Free) & UV Selective Gloss finish on Cover. Thoroughly illustrated throughout by David S. Herrerías, Fine typography, printed on Rolland Opaque Natural 140M quality paper.

Book is in new unread condition.

The landscape of the Soul is a feral hunting ground of shadows and light, each morphing into translucent bodies of nourishment or destruction, depending upon the topographic Vision of the desert dweller. Entering the Desert explores the Terra Incognito of the Soul and reveals a primordial vision of a Pagan Sacramental Gnosticism of alchemical nature which if understood can open up the doorways to the Inner Sanctuary of Sacramental Vision.

“The idea of the mirage applies not only to the individual in the desert milieu of theSoul, but also to the environment in which the individual is born and nurtured: the world. From an esoteric perspective, we can view the entire world as a mirage, a meta-illusion created by the collected individual mirages of the walking dead; a collective perceptual agreement nourished by the emotion of fear and ego-fueled solipsism.”~Craig Williams

Entering the Desert presents a sobering and inspiring journey into the mysterious landscape of the Soul. Gnostic Bishop Craig Williams (Tau Lazarus) outlines an esoteric infrastructure of Pagan Sacramental Gnosticism which can be applied to any sincere path oriented towards spiritual realization. Through the use of evocative word, inspired poetry, magical grimoire, and empowering ritual, Entering the Desert is both terrifying and inspiring. This text provides the spiritual seeker with important tools to illuminate the pathway unto theSoul, and holds the potential to awaken ancient primordial memories hidden within the flesh, blood, and mind of the reader.

“The occult subculture with its superficial and trite syncretism is a symptom of our Age and an offence to Tradition and true gnosis. However, not all is detritus, and authentic syncretism has, despite all this, a long and venerable history that can be traced back to Antiquity and, as the current book is testament to, it continues to make its presence known in the world today.” ~Richard Rudgley

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