EVOKING ETERNITY: Forbidden Rites of Evocation by E.A. Koetting (Hardcover Chthonian Edition)


Hardcover Chthonian Edition.

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Hardcover Chthonian Edition.

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The ability to summon forth to visible and physical materialization is perhaps the most potent and sought-after power in the entire occult world. For the thousands of years that ritual evocation has been practiced, however, it has also been confused and jumbled by assumptions, dogmas, and initiatory secrets all of which are obliterated by Evoking Eternity.E.A. Koetting, in this masterpiece work, gives the elementary principles by which evocation operations, instructions for the necessary preparation of the Operator to call forth and communicate face-to-face with any entity in existence. Evoking Eternity is not the Sorcerer’s handbook nor is it a simple grimoire of spirits. Rather, it is a compendium of the impossible, made real by beings who are unbound and hungry, materialized now by the grand evocation of the Masters who will no longer wait for this veil to be lifted.


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