GEOMANCY IN THEORY AND PRACTICE by Stephen Skinner (Hardcover Edition)


GEOMANCY IN THEORY AND PRACTICE by Stephen Skinner (Hardcover Edition)

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Hardcover edition. 324 pages, 52 illustrations and 10 tables. Book is in new, unread condition.

Geomancy – divination by earth – ranks alongside the tarot, astrology and the I Ching as a major form of divination. Since the Renaissance it has largely fallen out of favour for want of generally available information on its practice. This is the first and most comprehensive book in English to cover the full historical background and practice of divinatory geomancy, and will therefore be invaluable to all those interested in divination, magic and astrology. It is the only complete history in any language, covering geomancy’s various manifestations in different cultures, as well as being a practical manual showing how to cast and interpret geomantic figures.

Drawing on material from Latin, French, German and Arabic manuscript and book sources, Stephen Skinner explores the roots of geomancy in the Islamic raml divination of northern Africa, which lead to Fa, Ifa and voodoo divinatory practices on the West Coast and sikidy in Madagascar. He examines the impact Islamic geomancy had on medieval Europe, where it rose to prominence and became, after astrology, the prime method of divination. It even resulted in the creation of an amazingly complex brass 12th century geomancy calculator. The part it played in Renaissance thinking and in the great astrological revival of the nineteenth century is followed by an examination of its use in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and its declining influence in the twentieth century only to be revived again in the last decade. This western geomancy is not, and has nothing to do with, feng shui.


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