THE GRAND GRIMOIRE (Limited Edition Hardcover)


THE GRAND GRIMOIRE (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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The Grand Grimoire

“By reason of its rarity and the request in which it is, we are informed that it must be regarded as the veritable Magnum Opus – a view which may appear inconsequential, but which the authority of Rabbinical writers is cited” – Arthur Edward Waite, The Book of Ceremonial Magick.

 This edition of The Grand Grimoire is the first compete English translation made available to student of the occult. The original Italian text is included in this first edition. Also present is a gallery of illustrations from the classic edition of this rare work. The magical sigils have been digitally restored and are presented along with those given in the original source work.

Trade cloth, hard binding. Over run – unnumbered. First Edition, second printing.


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