(h)Auroræ by Gabriel McCaughry – Paperback Edition

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(h)Auroræ by Gabriel McCaughry – Paperback Edition

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OCTAVO Paperback Edition (First Print: 2022): Format: 5.25 x 8.5 inches. 320 pages. German Binding. Velvet Matte (Scuff Free) finish + Red Metallic Foil stamped on cover and backcover. Full-Color Interior. Thoroughly illustrated by José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal, Fine typography, printed on Rolland Opaque White 160M archive-quality paper.

From the publisher:

By Gabriel McCaughry (Editor-in-chief of Anathema Publishing Ltd.)

• Preface by Shani Oates (Maid of the Clan of Tubal Cain, and author of Tubelo’s Green Fire, Crafting the Arte of Tradition, and The Devil’s Supper)

• Thoroughly illumined by the talented artist José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal (Handbook of Sacred Anatomy, and A Second Nature)

(h)Auroræ is a mystifying, albeit utterly profound journey. Part ontological synthesis, philosophical rambling, magickal diary, visual grimoire, inspired mystical poem, revelatory/individuation process, and part alchemical vessel of expression, the book exists under the umbrella of what the author refers to as ‘Gnostic Luciferianism.’ First and foremost, however, (h)Auroræ exists as an act of eternal remembrance.

“This alchemical treatise walks us through a startling expression of emotive gnosis… (h)Auroræ seeks beyond and above the all-too-human condition in order to understand it, and advance it vis-à-vis a sensual Sophianic psychology, witnessed in cogitation. Mind in tandem with vision, incorporates a veiled process of subtle Jungian analysis leading to a Grail quest, of intent to remove the blindfold from the Holy Fool…  A work of pilgrimage, conjunction and apotheosis, it directs the reader through pause, anticipation and intake. Sometimes rapturous, sometimes ponderous.”
(~Shani Oates, Preface to (h)Auroræ )

G. McCaughry writes:

“This Opus Alchymicum is presented in a certain “light” and, at its core, (h)Auroræ is centred on the sempiternal theosophical discourse which sparks anew the Flame of Old within the heart of the predisposed reader, struggling, yet inclined, to separate the subtil from the dross so that we may uncover our inner philosopher’s stone or perfected being.

“‘Tis a work of Agapae, in the purest sense of the words

“This manuscript, far from being a modern-day grimoire by any means, is, primarily, a mystical handbook. A useful resource to have by one’s side upon undertaking an initiatory odyssey on the Path of Exile & Exalt – regardless of which favoured system or tradition the practitioner employs.”

(h)Auroræ is Gabriel McCaughry’s first published manuscript, a tome which correlates directly with Anathema Publishing’s mandate, and his views and methodologies on alchemical book-making. This is very much a continuation in the spirit of his previous contributions to the PILLARS occult periodical (and elsewhere), but within (h)Auroræ these concepts are fully developed and actualized.

“A supreme work of Beauty, in every sense of that aesthetic. A sublime work of Arte, in every sense of that metaphysic. In short, a meditational treatise of transformative alchemy of – and for – the Soul.”
(~Shani Oates)


BOOK 1 – (h)Auroræ

Foreword, by Shani Oates


¶ First Codex: The Egregore of the Pulsing Flame

¶ Second Codex: Adversa Simulacrum

¶ Third Codex: The Impetus of Anagogic Poesy

¶ Fourth Codex: The Oriflamme’s Effulgence as Psychopomp

¶ Fifth Codex: Blessed Anathema


BOOK 2 – Neoteric Heterodoxy

Hemlock Wraith

¶ Atavistic Criterion

¶ Nascency of Awareness is the Death of Sui Generis

¶ From Circle to Spiral

De Abscondita Divina Dubiatione

¶ Reversum Principia

¶ TALION (ReEvaluation – Re[E]volution)

¶ Oniric Versicles

Lexicon of the Arte

¶ Symbolical Metonymy


Tabula Magnum Summa

BOOK 3 – Anaphoras, Advent & Theurgia

Anamnesis of the Pilgrim

¶ Incipit

¶ Confession

Addendum: commentaries and expounding


¶ Précis



The Birds that Speak at Dawn, by José Gabriel Alegría

Glossary & Allegories


1 review for (h)Auroræ by Gabriel McCaughry – Paperback Edition

  1. mep767 (verified owner)

    A mysterious and enigmatic work that unfolds and blossoms repeatedly with each rereading. The sublime artwork makes me wish I could have these illustrations adorn a room: they only add to the mystery. And yet, somehow, this book resonates deeply within and reverberates as it catches inklings of one’s personal practice… and can easily lead up to a tower moment for both seasoned practitioners and those who have just arrived on the scene. I especially enjoyed how this book compelled me to reevaluate my perspective regarding RHP and LHP.

    An absolute timeless classic already that has become something I recommend to practitioners regardless of the frameworks they tend to lean toward.

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