HEATHAN: A Viking Grimoire of Norse Sorcery by Asbjörn Torvol (Hardcover 1st Edition)

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HEATHAN: A Viking Grimoire of Norse Sorcery by Asbjörn Torvol (Hardcover 1st Edition)

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From the publisher:

An Ancient Initiatory Path For The Modern Vitki & Völva

An unprecedented revival of the legendary Norse Gods and medieval Vikings has awakened in the heart of Western culture across blockbuster films, hit television series, and video games.

Despite this remarkable resurgence, our society has still neglected the true magick behind heathenism. Moreover, the historical traditions of the wandering seers—the Völvas—and the shamanic sorcerers—the Vitkis—have been almost completely lost in the ruins of time.

The term vulva for a woman’s vagina relates etymologically to the term Völva for a female shaman.

This grimoire harnesses the proven techniques of our era in order to reconstruct the magick and shamanism of our ancient ancestors.

In my humble opinion, many have placed pen to paper on Norse history, but none have quite breathed life into the Norse zeitgeist with a complete technical grimoire of sorcery that fulfills the needs of a modern Vitki or Völva.

Instead we find scattered texts that contain replications of old Galdrastafir (folk sigils) with no relation to our daily affairs. For example, one prominent sigil can help to guard wooden longboats from wreckage at sea. That sounds nice in a nostalgic sense, but none of us sail wooden longboats anymore. However, we do drive cars and ride airplanes, so why not reconstruct it for that?

We do not live in ancient times, so we should not act as if we do.

3 Secrets Of How The Norse Became The Fiercest Empire Of Their Time… And Why These Secrets Can Ignite Your Eternal Ascent

Historians marvel at the way the Norse could adapt to their fierce climate and environment, and always identify their versatility as the main reason why their civilization blossomed into an all-time great empire. Their culture strongly emphasized efficient craftsmanship through trial and error. They innovated ingenious technologies by themselves.

We can point to three main values of the Norse People that skyrocketed their Ascent.

Core Value 1: Evolution

The Norse could adapt to fierce climates and landscapes better than any other civilizations of that time. And thus they ambitiously innovated transportation and weapons technologies to harness the natural forces of their location. They did not blindly adhere to romantic ideals or nostalgic traditions just for the sake of tradition.

Core Value 2: Pragmatism

The People used what worked, what got results regardless of its origin. They did not save obsolete technology for sake of nostalgia or romanticism. They replaced it with newer and better immediately. The crossbow is a perfect example of them integrating new technology into their military. It tore down their enemies.

Core Value 3: Freedom

While they fostered communal traditions and common beliefs, they still allowed individual households to practice their faith as they wished. This individualism allowed their ideas to circulate and spread virally across the world. To this day the Norse Magick and Mythology remains the greatest known on earth.

My comprehensive grimoire of Norse Magick as an Initiatory Pathworking contains these three values at its heart. It aspires to evolve, it concentrates on pragmatism, and allows the individual sorcerer or sorceress the right to personalize their experience.

When a civilization nurtures these three enlightened values in its people, how could it not become the greatest, fiercest, and most innovative of its time?

In light of this, let me ask: if the notorious Viking raiders lived today, would they still use metal swords? Of course not, they would have innovated a whole new paradigm of weaponry and machinery for our day. Thus, it follows logically that we do the same for magick.

Behold: an ancient initiatory path for the modern Vitki and Völva that remains faithful to the Spirit of The People.

A 279-Page Grimoire That Will Last A Lifetime

Magick Ch. 1
Prerequisites Ch. 2
Ūtiseta Ch. 3
The Rökkr Ch. 4
Dedication & Mægan Ch. 5
The Vitki’s Initiation Ch. 6
Harrowing & Protection Ch. 7
Cleansing & Grounding Ch. 8
Ritual & Ceremony Ch. 9
Lokkr Ch. 10
Evoking Nightmares Ch. 11
Galdramyndir Ch. 12
The Rune Journey Ch. 13
The Final Initiation Ch. 14
Rune Portraits
Algiz Rune p. 13
Eihwaz Rune p. 15
Fehu Rune p. 17
Inguz Rune p. 19
Raido Rune p. 21
Odal Rune p. 23
Berkanan Rune p. 25
Laguz Rune p. 27
Tiwaz Rune p. 29

Little known fact: the Norse did not write their history down; Christian priests recorded and occasionally perverted their religious doctrines. Thus, I deem a pure reconstruction of their magick to be an impossible fool’s errand.

Instead, to honor their pragmatic spirit I have formulated a comprehensive grimoire that marries the greatest magick technologies of our time with the commonly accepted knowledge of their gods, goddesses, and worlds. Not just that, but through trial and error of my entire life I have carefully innovated a proven system of magick as faithful to their culture as possible.

Every section of this 279-page grimoire provides a series of powerful rites, personal initiations, and priceless spells to accommodate your day-to-day needs and ignite eternal ascent.

  • Utiseta: Meditation & Trance techniques to introduce you to the Norse Astral workings – Chapter 3
  • Dedication & Maegan: Dedication Rituals to build influence and favor with the Gods – Chapter 5
  • Pacts: Making agreements with certain Gods to further your relationship with them – Chapter 5
  • Self-Initiation: Rituals for Initiation that cuts out the need for a third party, so you can be initiated by the Gods themselves – Chapter 6
  • Vé: Detailed methods on how to set up shrines and altars to the Gods – Chapter 9
  • Relic Creation: How to create your own magickal tools – Chapter 7
  • Protection Magick: Norse methods of protection magick from simple to complex – Chapter 7
  • Cleansing & Grounding: Norse methods of Cleansing and Grounding to connect with nature – Chapter 8
  • Lokkr: Evocation of over 31+ Gods, Goddesses & Monsters told of in the historical tales – Chapter 10
  • Sigils: Gorgeous, artisanal sigils for each God and entity never before done by another magician – Chapter 10
  • Galdrstafir: Norse Magickal sigils for manifestation and methods on creating your own – Chapter 12
  • Rune Magick: Methods and techniques of discovering and learning the runes and their magick – Chapter 13

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