LIBER SPIRITUUM: The Girmoire of Paul Huson – Hardcover Edition in Custom Slipcase (Gentle bump to slipcase)


LIBER SPIRITUUM: The Girmoire of Paul Huson – Hardcover Edition in Custom Slipcase (Gentle bump to slipcase)

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This is a hardcover edition in custom slipcase. Book has many illustrations in is printed in four color. 428 pp, Published in 2021. Book is in fine unread condition slipcase has a gentle bump otherwise in fine unread condition.

Published by The Witches Almanac

From the publisher:

In 1966, as an apprentice mage, Paul Huson began the work of constructing his personal Liber Spiritumm or Book of Spirits. The origins of his work in fact have their genesis a number of years before he took up the pen to il-luminate the pages of his Book of Spirits. It was in his tender youth that Paul’s interest in matters magical began. It was his insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge that would eventually lead him to knock on the doors of Dion Fortune’s Society of the Inner Light in 1964, as well as studying the practices of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Stella Matutina under the aegis of Israel Regardie. Drawing on this wellspring of knowledge and such venerable works as the Key of Solomon, The Magus, Heptameron, Three Books of Occult Philosophy as well as others set down a unique and informed set of rituals, in addition to employing his own artistry in the creation of distinctive imagery.

Using the highest quality photographic reproduction and printing methods, Paul’s personal grimoire has here been faithfully and accurately reproduced for the first time. In addition to preserving the ink quality and use of gold and silver paint, this facsimile reproduction has maintained all of Huson’s corrections, including torn, pasted, missing pages and his hand drawn and renumbered folios. Preserved as well are the unique characteristics of the original grimoire paper as it has aged through the decades. In this way, the publisher has stayed true to Paul Huson’s Book of Spirits as it was originally drawn and painted.


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