THE LUCIFER CHRONICLES: Rites of Lucifer & Awakening Lucifer by Asenath Mason & Bill Duvendack (Deluxe Leather Bound Hardcover)


SPIDER AND THE GREEN BUTTERFLY by E.A. Koetting (SIGNED Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition)

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Deluxe leather bound hardcovers. Comes with velvet bag to protect the book

Book is in new unread condition.

From the author:

Ignite the magical fire of Luciferian Gnosis. Explore the masks of Lucifer and connect with his 11 most inspiring god-forms.

Asenath illuminates what you will learn in her grimoire:

  • 11 gnostic masks of the Luciferian Archetype
  • How to ignite the Magic of Luciferian Gnosis
  • Modern initiation rites into the Current
  • Key breakthroughs in demonic etymology
  • Ways to harness Luciferian Sorcery to ascend on the path of self-deification


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