MYSTICISM, INITIATION AND DREAM by Andrew D. Chumbley (Limited Edition Hardcover)


MYSTICISM: INITIATION AND DREAM by Andrew D. Chumbley (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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Standard hardcover edition, limited to 1,000 copies. A monograph by British occult author Andrew D. Chumbley. Book is in fine condition.

“Written as an undergraduate as SOAS University of London in 2001, “Mysticism: Initiation and Dream” would foreshadow the concerns of Andrew Chumbley’s later doctoral research on the transcendental nature of the magical dream. In the course of his exposition, the concepts of the Initiatic Dream are traced to furthest antiquity, epitomized by the participatory nature of the Mystic within the Oneiric Realm. The axiomata of Dream Reification and Rarefaction are introduced as defining processes of this twilight pilgrimage, both of a gnostic and illuminative character. At the time of his matriculation, Chumbley had already established a solid reputation as an occult author and practitioner of widely varying spiritual disciplines. His highly-acclaimed books Azoetia (1992) and Qutub (1995) arose not only from the solid foundation of magical practice and theory, but also from a highly complex mystical dream system, perfected for many years. Though forming the core of his coursework, Mysticism – together with the bulk of his SOAS essays – were written in a transcendent dialogist style altogether in concord with the body of his occult work.”


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