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PARACELSUS ARCHIDOXES MAGICAE (Hell Fire Club Hardcover Deluxe Edition)


Of the Spirits of the Planets

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Of the Spirits of the Planets
Of Occult Philosophy
The Magickal, Sympathetical & Antipathetical
Cure of Wounds and Diseases
The Mysteries of the Twelve Signs of the Zodiack

Hardcover. Bound in Half-Leather Kidskin & Virgin Parchment. Mint condition.

. 33 copies half bound with corners in natural kidskin and virgin parchment.
. Each inscribed in sepia ink and numbered 1-33.
. Tooled in blind with 5 corded pallets to the spine.
. Ornate scrollwork incorporating leaves and infernal torches to the corners and fronts.
. Front boards covered in virgin parchment have the title printed in letterpress by hand using dark olive ink.
. Initial letter hand gilded in 23 carat gold leaf, as an enlarged drop-capital all in gothic characters.
. Each copy fully sewn by hand onto linen tapes.
. Made handsome with antique marbled endpapers of the finest quality.
. Polished with beeswax and stiff-leaved onto the book head and tailbands to compliment the coloration of the leather.
. Printed on archival rag paper with a rubricated title page and finely bound by hand in the time honored fashion of traditional English Craft Binding Hell Fire Club Books are infamous for.

Archidoxes Magicae comprises three parts:
i) The Secrets of Alchemy: containing matter on the spirits & bodies of the planets, the tinctures and how they are made, of the conjuction of male and female, the forms of the glass instruments, vessels, furnace etc etc. Muiltiplication, philosophical conjuction, of the red tincture and on ‘..buds appearing in ye glasse..

ii) Of Occult Philosophy: of Consecrations, of Ceremonies Magical, Conjuctions, characters, on the powers of the Pentagon and Hexagon, supernatural diseases, dreams & visions, terrestrial spirits, possession and ‘..the great abuse of the magick art by them that use it for negromancy and witchcraft..’

iii) Of the Mysteries of the Signes of the Zodiack: being the Magnetical and Sympathetical Cure of Diseases ‘as they are appropriated under the Twelve Signes Ruling the Partes of the Body’. Part (i) giving a selection of ailments and their alchemic and talismanic remedies, an elegant synthesis of astrological and sympathetic magic. The instructions for constructing the famous ‘Trident of the Magic Arte’, which in this text is actually a silver lamen used in conjuction with operations to cure the generative organs. Part (ii) comprises a complete textbook of astro-alchemic talismanic magic for the cure of disease, each sign allotted a pair of circular magic figures to be engraved upon talismans composed of a balance of metals peculiar to it, such as Gemini whose seal is composed of a regulus of gold and silver in equal proportion:

“… Let them both be melted together, the Sun entering the sign of Gemini….when the work is completed let the quicksilver be poured into the quill, the day and hour of Mercury, the moon decreasing..”

The end of the volume comprises a short treatise on killing with poisons, on preservation of livestock by talismanic means, and a curious magical weapon used to drive away insects.

“A Table Shewing the Fit Times to Transmute Metals” as a final addendum gives an excellent guide in the application of the talismanic instructions found throughout the book…

Book is in fine condition


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