QUEEN OF HELL by Mark Alan Smith (Deluxe Leather Bound Trident Edition in Custom Slipcase) Import

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QUEEN OF HELL by Mark Alan Smith (Deluxe Leather Bound Trident Edition in Custom Slipcase) Import

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The Luxury Trident edition of Queen of Hell consists of 81 deluxe copies bound in full black Morocco leather this being #23 of 81. Thick heavy endpapers. Gold stamped with the Mark of the Trident. Guilded edges. This beautiful slipcased and very limited hand bound edition was both signed and sigilised before its ritual consecration. This copy is inscribed by the author to previous owner

Book is in fine condition the slipcase is in very good condition with some rubbing/shelf-wear to the black cloth which is common on this edition.

Hecate is the first of the Gods. The Dark Goddess in the void, She who created Lucifer, is the source of all magick. This work embodies the primal current of the Witchcraft of Hecate. The first part of this book opens the Dark Path of the Witchflame Goddess in soul transition and elevation through initiation and the chrystalline transmutation of the subtle bodies in sexual magickal praxis. The Gods of the Witchcraft Trident are met in inner plane congress and physical plane evocation. The second part of the book deals with the transmutational journey of the soul through the Nightside realm of Hecate. The shadow paths of the Qlippoth are explored through many different portals in soul transition as gateways to Hell are opened and ancient familiar beings are conjured to assist in the work. Through the Lore of Malefica the awesome Draconian power of the Witch Gods is fully manifested and the darker side of the craft is seen written upon the Pages of Damnation in the Book of Rofocal. The third and final part of this work contains the Book of the Inner Sanctum. This is the path to the higher powers of the Witchcraft of Hecate. The dark spiritual crossing of the Abyss is covered here in depth. All copies of Queen of Hell are individually consecrated making this book a truly talismanic work.

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