RUNEN: The Wisdom of the Runes by A.D. Mercer (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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RUNEN: The Wisdom of the Runes by A.D. Mercer (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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Book specifications

170 pages.
A 120 grams soft tone ‘bone-white’ paper bookblock.
Italian black linnen cloth bound hardcover.
Gold foil rune sigil printed to the front cover.
Gold foil lettering printed to the spine.
Black end-papers

Limited edition of 200 exemplars total.

Runen – The Wisdom of the Runes by A.D. Mercer (author of the book Liber Coronzom)


What is presented here is without doubt, the most misunderstood, probably the most cynically abused set of runes in the history of runology. The Armanen runes have been ignored by scholars, abused by right wing extremists and largely forgotten by students of the occult. Nevertheless the Armanen runes are in many ways the quintessential esoteric rune row. Originally conceived of by the nineteenth century German mystic Guido von List, the Armanen runes offer us the most esoterically charged futharks ever encountered.

In order to fully understand the significance of the Armanen runes we must first examine their history in order to dispel some of the myths that have grown up around them. From this RUNEN then moves on to examine each rune in detail, before embarking on a detailed exploration of the relationship between the Runes and Yggdrasil, the Germanic and Nordic world tree. This is what makes Runen a unique text, as its the only text to directly link the two, exploring the importance of this connection, which cannot be overstated. Runen then concludes with an exposition of effective Armanen rune Magic, Numerology and Divination.

Runen also discusses the deeper significance of the Armanen runes with the intention of returning the runes to their rightful place at the zenith of true runic magic and not left in the hands of fanatics who have no idea of their true meaning as symbols of transformation granting access into the deeper unconscious and what may lie beyond.


Part One: Genesis of the Runes


– Guido von List and The History of the Armanen Runes
– Odhinn: The Dark God of the Runes
– The Runic Trinity – Odhinn, Vili, Vie

Part Two: The Armanen Runes

– The Armanen runes: The Eighteen Verses of the Havamal
– The Realms of Yggdrasil
– The Nine Mighty Songs – the nine bind runes of Yggdrasil
– Yggdrasil and the collective unconscious – A Jungian Analysis

Part Three: High Rune Magic

– The Hammer sign invocation
– Awakening into the Mysteries: an invocation of runic power
– The Ritual of the Nine Nights: Odhinns Journey

Part Four: Divination and Numerology

– Armanen Runic Numerology
– Armanen Runic Divination
– Additional Bind Runes



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  1. Balfour Magi (verified owner)

    This is a great book. He covers enough history on these runes to give you a strong understanding to start using them for any magickal practice.
    There is only one issue that I have with the book, and whether you consider it to be big or minor is up to you, he left out one page in the ritual of the nine nights. This rite takes you through the 9 realms as Oddihn when he first found the runes. The Book will give you all you need to complete the ritual even though the page is missing, I just think it’s sloppy work. This is not an indictment of A.D. Mercer but of all the writers of these small run, collectable books. They all have silly mistakes that a proof reader should find.
    That being said, it is still a great edition to anyone’s library and magickal toolbox.

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