SEXUAL MYSTERIES: Oriental Love and Sexual Magic by P. de Lasenic (First Edition Hardcover)


SEXUAL MYSTERIES: Oriental Love and Sexual Magic by P. de Lasenic (First Edition Hardcover)

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This is a first edition hardcover of only 800 copies. Book is 196 pages, printed in two colors. Book is in new unread condition.

Published by Vodnar Publishing, 2018 Prague

This is the first book of the Czech Hermetics Series, in which we will introduce some of the brightest Hermetics of the Czech Republic to the international community.

This is a rare look into an extremely rich and vibrant tradition of Mystics, Magicians, and Hermetics.
All of the books from this series are being published in a limited number of prints, directly in the Czech Republic, and as beautiful hardback editions only, with only the highest quality of materials that are made available, such as Belgian faux leather covers, gold embossing and printed on ultra white paper with extra black ink.
Sexual Mysteries is a book that is an already known classic in the Czech Hermetic scene and is now being introduced to international readers for the very first time.

Pierre de Lasenic was a Czech Hermetic who lived between 1900 – 1944. He was initiated into Martinism along with starting various orders, such as co-founding Universalia and his own private lodge, known as Horev-Club. Lasenic was, and still is, a prolific figure in Czech Hermeticism, yet only beginning to become known to the international community, which is one of the goals of this series. To bring all of the best within the Czech Tradition to the public and to finally bring their treasures to the light of all eyes. Sexual Mysteries has two parts :Oriental Love , which was Lasenic’s first published book and Sexual Magic , which came later in the 1930’s, however, Lasenic eventually desired that these two books be published together in one volume for this synthesis. The first part of this book introduces the reader to the sexual mysteries of ancient India, in which Lasenic later synthesizes with the ideals of ancient Egypt. The second part of this book offers unique insight into the various love cultures, described in Lasenic’s own words and expands deeper upon the principles of two polarities.

The role of sexual principles in Hermetic and Mystical studies is a very popular subject, yet Lasenic manages to bring his own unique perspective, while guiding the reader through various topics with his own charm, wit, and sharpness, often coming to surprising and unique conclusions.

Rather than provide a recipe book, Lasenic avoids dogmatism and gives intelligent hints for one’s own practice and for the open-minded.


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