SPIDER AND THE GREEN BUTTERFLY by E.A. Koetting (SIGNED Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition)


SPIDER AND THE GREEN BUTTERFLY by E.A. Koetting (SIGNED Deluxe Leather Bound Limited Edition)

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One of only 100 signed limited edition leather bound hardcovers. This being number 14 of 100. Comes with velvet bag.

Book is in new unread condition.

From the author:

  • Are you White, Hispanic, or Asian? Have you ever worried that you could not truly perform Voodoo because of your race?
  • Are you Black? Have you ever worried that you were not “African enough” to perform authentic Vodoun Magick?
  • Would you hate to pay tens of thousands of dollars for occult initiations?
  • Are you turned off by the idea of immigration to Haiti for 18 years of indentured servitude under an Houngan?
  • Would you like a magick way to enter the Current of the Loa, but without the racism, ridiculous costs, and initiatory slavery?

If you answered YES, then I sympathize because I felt the exact same way when I first discovered Vodoun—the Haitian name for Voodoo. I could feel in my heart the need to learn this Path of Magick, but the absurd hurdles and hassles in order to undergo initiation seemed impossible to fulfill.

Before now, to receive formal initiation into Vodoun, a magician needed to either become a glorified slave in Haiti for two decades, or just bribe the Houngan with $30,000 to skip the bullshit. In other words, it became a racket.

Guess what? The Spirits of Vodoun—called the Loa—could not care less about those manmade demands. In fact, I personally discovered through my own possession experiences that you can invoke The Spirits on your own without a priest.

That’s right. The human priests are just a “third wheel” in the relationship.

About 8 years ago a Vodouist discovered my grimoires of black magick. He reached out to counsel me in Vodoun Magick.

One day he told me simply to “Find Legba” then hung up the telephone abruptly.

I strapped on my backpack and hiked into the sweltering heat of the desert—alone and off the grid of civilization—day in and day out for months.

Rite after rite after rite, the Loa possessed me more and more forcefully until eventually they would take over my will. I would black out as they animated my body then wake up face down in the sand hours later with blistering sunburn.

I found Legba all by myself, which means I underwent the REALEST Initiation.

The Vodouist authenticated my experiences and the Houngans in Haiti insisted that I compile my magick into a Western-style grimoire. Tragically, they demanded that we insert blinds into critical parts of the text in order to deceive unsuspecting magicians—a sad, unethical fact that I have always hated badly, because it contradicts the premise of the grimoire in the first place. Moreover, they threatened to murder me if I ever confessed this. Like a fool, I obeyed and pledged a vow of secrecy under their duress.

For these reasons, I feel 100% justified in my right to break the oath and do as I please with my magick.


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