TECHNIQUES OF SOLOMONIC MAGIC by Stephen Skinner – Deluxe Signed Limited Edition Leather Bound Hardcover


TECHNIQUES OF SOLOMONIC MAGIC by Stephen Skinner – Deluxe Signed Limited Edition Leather Bound Hardcover

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Signed deluxe leather bound limited edition of only 200 copies. Book is in fine unread condition.

Solomonic magic is a major part of the grimoire tradition. This volume is about the methods of Solomonic magic used in Alexandria and how they have been passed via Byzantium (the Hygromanteia), to the manuscripts of the Latin Clavicula Salomonis and its English incarnation as the Key of Solomon. Jewish techniques like the use of pentacles, oil and water skrying were added along the way, but Solomonic magic (despite its name) remained basically a classical Greek form of magic. Amazingly, this transmission has involved very few changes and the ‘technology’ of magic has remained firmly intact. The emphasis in this book is upon specific magical techniques such as the invocation of the gods, the binding of demons, the use of the four demon Kings, and the construction of the circle and lamen. The requirements of purity, sexual abstinence, and fasting have changed little in the last 2000 years, and the real reasons for that are explained. The use of amulets, talismans and phylacteries or lamens is outlined along with their methods of construction. The structure of a Solomonic evocation puts into perspective the reasons for each step, the use of thwarting angels, achieving invisibility, sacrifice, love magic, treasure finding, and the binding, imprisoning and licensing of spirits.

The facing directions and timing of evocations have always been crucial, and these too have remained consistent. Practical considerations such as choice of incense, the timing of the cutting of the wand, utilisation of rings and statues, use of the Table of Evocation, or the acquisition of a familiar spirit are also explained. Techniques of Solomonic Magic is thus a follow on book from Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic. This volume is based on the magicians’ own handbooks rather than the opinions of theologians, historians, anthropologists, sociologists or legislators. The emphasis is on what magicians actually did and why. Tools used by magicians in 7th century Alexandria, 15th century Constantinople and 19th century London are very much the same. More than 70 illustrations (many in colour) of magical equipment like the wand, the sword, wax images and magical gems, drawn from a wide range of manuscripts are reproduced and examined. This is the most detailed analysis of Solomonic magic, from the inside, ever penned.

List of Contents

The Relationship between Magic and Religion
Sources of the Solomonic Magical Tradition
The Input of Jewish Magic to the Clavicula Salomonis
Byzantine Solomonic Magical Texts
Manuscripts of the Hygromanteia
Stephanos of Alexandria
Analysis of the Contents of the Hygromanteia
The Transmission of Byzantine Greek texts to the Latin West
The Clavicula Salomonis
Transmission of Techniques from the Hygromanteia to the Clavicula Salomonis
Similarity of Method in the Hygromanteia and the Clavicula Salomonis
The Hierarchy of Spiritual Creatures
The Hierarchies of Spirits, Angels and Daimones
The Gods
Preliminary Procedures and Preparations
Locations for the Operation
Orientation and the Four Demon Kings
Purity and Sexual Abstinence
Fasting and Food Prohibitions
Protection for the Magician
The Circle
Triangle of Art and Brass Vessel
Phylactery, Lamen or Breastplate
Talismans and Pentacles
Conjuration of Angels
Evocation of Demons and Spirits
Nomina Magica
Historiola and Commemoration
License to Depart
Transmission of Equipment from Hygromanteia to Clavicula Salomonis
Table of Evocation
Black-handled Knife
Virgin Papyrus or Parchment
Pen, Quill, or Reed
The Symbola of the Gods
Magical Statues or Stoicheia
Magical Rings and Gemstones
Wax and Clay Images
Incenses and Herbs
Major Magical Techniques
Love Spells
Treasure Finding
Imprisonment of Spirits in a Bottle
The ‘manteiai’ or Evocationary Skrying Methods
Lekanomanteia – Evocationary Bowl Skrying
Hygromanteia – Evocationary Water Skrying
A Short Outline of Astral Magic
Manuscripts of the Hygromanteia
Manuscripts of the Clavicula Salomonis
Text-Groups of the Clavicula Salomonis
The Classic Solomonic Method


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