THE BOOK OF SITRA ACHRA by N.A-A.218 (Deluxe Leather Bound Slipcased Edition)


THE BOOK OF SITRA ACHRA by N.A-A.218 (Deluxe Leather Bound Slipcased Edition)

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Limited to 110 hand numbered copies, with custom made slipcase, with gilded serpentine borders on both sides, and red velvet lining. Gilded page edges on all sides. This copy does not come with the extra booklet.

Book is in fine unread condition.

The Book of Sitra Achra: A Grimoire of the Dragons of the Other Side, one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2013, has finally been released, and it has not disappointed! This is the most detailed exploration of the qliphoth, since Kenneth Grant’s Nightside of Eden was published. Since then, many have tried to explore the sunken zone of Daath, and its dark, awe-inspiring spheres, and make sense of the labyrinthine network of tunnels, paths, fractures & rhizomes. Many have attempted to communicate with the denizens of these lost & forgotten realms. Some have had some success, but most have failed dismally! The past few years have seen a great awakening of interest in the qliphoth, with many books & journals published, by authors claiming to have first hand experience – unfortunately, most of what I have seen, is either poorly written fiction, or simply delusional! But at last, there is a real Qliphothic Grimoire, which looks promising. The Book of Sitra Achra contains 309 pages devoted to cataloguing the qliphoth, mapping out the Sitra Achra, and the Tree of Death, as well as other realms on the Other Side. This is not easy material to digest, and I would not recommend this to novices, at all. But those who are adept at working magic & sorcery, and have a serious interest in the qliphoth, Daath, etc, should find in this grimoire, a veritable treasure trove!

The Book of Sitra Achra is a complete grimoire, so you do not need to have read Liber Falxifer or Liber Falxifer II, to make sense of it, however, reading these books will help to shed dark light, on some of the complex structures that will be encountered in Sitra Achra. In particular, I would highly recommend reading Liber Falxifer II, as it reveals the mythos, inner-teachings & ritual practices of the Qayinitic tradition, as practiced by an order Templum Falcis Cruentis (Temple of the Black Light or TOTBL). Of course, those who feel they are ready to jump in – by all means, dive in, head first!


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