THE BOOK OF THE GOETIA OF SOLOMON THE KING edited, verified, introduced and commented by Aleister Crowley (Deluxe Goat Skin Bound Hardcover)


Deluxe goat skin bound edition of only 72 copies.

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Deluxe goat skin bound edition of only 72 copies. Book is in fine unread condition

The Book Of The GOETIA of Solomon The King

Translated Into The English Tongue By A Dead Hand


Adorned With Divers Other Matters Germane Delightful To The Wise

The Whole

Edited, Verified, Introduced And Commented

by Aleister Crowley

This is a deluxe goatskin Leather Hell Fire Club edition of the Crowley’s GOETIA. This is one of the most unique edition of this book ever published, and is nearly impossible to find. This has been produced by the Hell Fire Club, in a large format folio size, with the text having been printed on very high quality, thick and heavy, oyster conqueror paper, with dyed paper edges, and the leaves were then hand bound by means of ties into the leather case. The full leather binding is dark crimson goatskin. Limitation page states that this edition was limited to only 72 copies.

The text is a facsimile of Crowley’s personal copies of the 1904 first edition reproducing the substantial annotations therein. These commence with three pages carrying Gerald Yorke’s notes. The Preliminary Invocation or Bornless ritual is given twice. The first reproduces the text from Crowley’s vellum bound copy, the second presents the text from Crowley’s camel hair bound copy which has a different set of annotations. These will be important for anyone studing the genesis of Liber Samekh. The Introduction has two additional annotated footnotes by Crowley. The text of the Goetia itself, has seven illustrations of Goetic demons by Crowley, plus some additional annotations. There is then a two page list in the hand of Gerald Yorke giving the appearance of the demons from the Bagh-I-Muattar plus Crowley’s sources for that material. Finally there are three pages of Enochian Calls in the hand of Leah Hirsig plus a pages reproducing talismans from Crowley’s Temple of L.I.L. in Mexico. Crowley’s annotations reveal potent A.A. & OTO magickal formulae, which later were given form in the instructions of “Liber Sameckh” & “Liber Pyramidos”, and which shed much light on Crowley’s later sex magick practices. This very rare edition of this important grimoire, would make a magnificent addition to any Thelemic or occult library.


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