THE BOOK OF WORDS (Sephir HDebarim) by Albert Pike – Hardcover Edition


THE BOOK OF WORDS (Sephir HDebarim) by Albert Pike – Hardcover Edition

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Book is in near fine condition. Clothbound; 217 pages; illustrated.

Published by Scottish Rite Research Society

Albert Pike, 33, Sovereign Grand Commander (1859-91)Introduction by Arturo de Hoyos, 33, Grand Archivist and Grand Historian

Freemasonry has traditional “modes of recognition” which include symbolic signs, tokens, and words. This work explores the etymological and symbolic origins of the Scottish Rites symbolic words, from the 1st through the 32d Degree.

Words such as Boaz, Jachin, Mahabon, Gabaon, and many others, are presented in their original languages, transliterated, translated and then fully explained. Extensive quotations from Hermetic and Kabbalistic literature explore the esoteric origins of Masonic symbolism, and suggest reasons why these symbolic words were adopted.

This facsimile of the 1879 second edition includes all supplementary material prepared by Pike, including pages 92a-92f, and “Some Recent Investigations” of 1880. The introduction provides the background of Albert Pikes Scottish Rite involvement, the development of its rituals, and teaches the reader how to use The Book of the Words.

An extensive new index was prepared for this edition by Norman D. Peterson, 32, KCCH, and a list of Biblical Citations, prepared by Dr. Rex R. Hutchens, 33, Grand Cross, completes the work. This special edition was prepared by the Scottish Rite Research Society.



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