THE FALSE HIERARCHY OF DEMONS by Johann Weyer – Hardcover Edition in Custom Slipcase


THE FALSE HIERARCHY OF DEMONS by Johann Weyer – Hardcover Edition in Custom Slipcase

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Hardcover edition in imitation leather with custom slipcase. Book is in fine condition

Published by Abracax House

About this book:

Johann Weyer’s Pseudomonarchia Daemonum is considered the great-granddaddy of demonic catalogues. Many later works, including Scot’s Discoverie of Witchcraft and the Goetia, are considered derivatives of Weyer’s classic.

This imitation leather-bound edition of The False Hierarchy of Demons: Illustrated English Translation of Pseudomonarchia Daemonum is a new definitive translation of Weyer’s four hundred year old encyclopedic work of demonology. It includes:

  • Digitally enhanced and enlarged versions of de Plancy’s 19th century woodcuts from Dictionnaire Infernal
  • Demonic seal reproductions
  • Newly commissioned full-color illustrations from an international team of fantasy artists, each providing a unique modern vision of these infernal beings

Each octavo volume is bound in red leather with a black leather spine and gold foil embossing. The English text is shown in black, side-by-side with the original Latin text in red. In addition, the book has a new index, bookmark and full-color endpapers. The book is delivered in a designer slipcase.

The Pseudomonarchia Daemonum was originally published as an appendix to the hugely popular De Prestigiis Daemonum. Since then, it has been used as the definitive reference and source for dozens of grimoires including The Lesser Key of Solomon and Dictionnaire Infernal.


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