THE HEKATAEON by Jack Grayle (Limited Edition Hardcover Devotee Set with Book, Snake Bone Rosary and 3 Unpublished Photos) Import


THE HEKATAEON by Jack Grayle (Limited Edition Hardcover Devotee Set with Book, Snake Bone Rosary and 3 Unpublished Photos) Import

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Limited Edition: Special set containing both a book (regular edition) and a Hekate’s Ladder: a beautiful rosary made of agate, bronze and snake vertebrae containing an ancient coin and antique key, specifically built and consecrated by the author to evoke Hekate by her twenty-seven epithets. Each coin and key is unique. This set also comes with a devotional triptych: three unpublished photos of the authors own horse-skull icon, which embodies HEKATE HIPPOCHTHON, the three-headed, uncontainable Earth-Horse depicted in the regular editions cover art.

The Hekatæon is in essence a Hymnal to Hekate: an ecstatic work dedicated to the Maiden-Serpent-Wolf, and manifested by her divine grace. Forged by the author’s personal journey, this grimoire maps out a series of serpentine windings that lead the reader through a labyrinth of songs, spells, chants and invocations to the very throne of the Queen of Crossroads herself.

Directly inspired by Mediterranean myth, classical literature, and the sorcerous workings of late antiquity (to include the Greek Magical Papyri and related material), The Hekatæon is a unique compendium that fearlessly sets forth a treasure-trove of magical and devotional tools by which the devotee may ally herself with the chthonic spirits that grant the power, protection, and gnosis of Hekate.

The Hekatæon was created as an act of devotion, and is meant to be used as such. To that end it contains four sections which allow the Reader to enter Hekate’s service by enlisting the aid of three spirit allies, creating nine sacred tools of art, learning the arcane meaning of Hekate’s twenty-seven epithets, and accessing the latent powers of the titans, the dead, and the earth itself through the workings of thirty-three spells.

Once opened, the book leads each reader inexorably down the Forked Path, gradually initiating those walking its serpentine roads into increasingly complex workings which involve the formation of pacts with intermediary spirits, the consecration of god-filled idols made from the skulls of dogs, serpents and goats, and the evocation of beings such as the chthonic solar daimon BAXYXSYXYX (the “Son-of-Darkness-Soul-of-Darkness”) to perform various sorcerous workings of nocturnal, ophidian and even baneful nature — and much, much more.

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