THE RED KING by Mark Alan Smith (Limited Edition Hardcover Bound in Blue Silk)

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THE RED KING by Mark Alan Smith (Limited Edition Hardcover Bound in Blue Silk)

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Limited edition of only 999 hand numbered, bound in blue silk copies. Book is in near fine condition

The Red King consists of the Six Books of Lucifer and returns more of the lost and previously fragmented gnosis of the Witchcraft. From the work of the Toad Witch – advancing beyond the initial rite – to the Books of the Lost Keys of Power, this knowledge must be placed back into the hands of man in order to restore the correct balance of power to the Path of Ascension which leads from immortal soul to Divine form.

The acquisition of the gnosis within The Red King is the result of direct contact with Lucifer and the Gods of the Witchcraft. This work follows the path within Queen of Hell from the Throne of Hecate to the depths of the Atlantean inner planes below the Nightside realm of the Witch.

This is the journey of the soul who quests for the Three Great Crowns of Divinity. Lucifer ignites His Path of Flame in the depths which leads the questing soul towards divinity.

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