THE SATYR’S SERMON by Andrew D. Chumbley – X Series One of only 5 Copies


THE SATYR’S SERMON by Andrew D. Chumbley – X Series One of only 5 Copies

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Hardcover X-Series of only 5 copies this being #2 of 5.

Book is in fine “as new” condition

This small volume plumbs the sorcerous precept of Unfettered Desire, unfolding in parable form as a dialogue orated by the twin sexual hypostases of the Sabbatic Agapae – The Satyr and the Virgin. The book gives voice to a connubial dialectic patterned upon 26 aphoristic formulae or ‘Sermons’ and their accompanying calligraphic sigils. At other levels, the work may be understood as a Sabbatic treatise on magical liberty, the initiate poised at the fulcrum between license and restraint. Containing diverse formulae of magical adoration, the Sermon invokes the eternal mystae of The Beloved.

Though the shortest of all of Chumbley’s published works, the Sermon is a potent testimonial to his powers as mystic, and as magical poet. As an artifact of the Sabbatic Mysterium, the Sermon reflects the ‘holy and heretical intimacy’ born of the Pure Love of Art, sexualized through the Adept’s poetic dialogue with Other-as-Beloved. The first reading of the bound book, delivered in the form of a sermon and accompanying the Mass of the Satyr and Virgin was accomplished by the Inner Conventicles of the Cultus in an ancient ruin in the woodlands of the West Country, shortly before its release (EIKOSTOS, 2012).


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