THE VIRTUES OF STONES translated by Patricia Tahil (Hardcover edition)


THE VIRTUES OF STONES translated by Patricia Tahil (Hardcover edition)

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De Virtutibus Lapidum
The Virtues of Stones
Attributed to Damigeron
Translated by Patricia Tahil
Edited by Joel Radcliffe.

This first time in English translation, a veritable grimoire of gemstones, is a must for those into primary source materials!

Dating from the Second Century B.C. in Arabia, this classic has been translated from the Old Latin and Classical Greek. An emphasis on completeness is exhibited in the publishing of this work; in this translation the original Latin and Greek are printed in the latter half of the book. Also included are the complete Latin footnotes. The luster from the blend of historical curiosity and the power of stones create a unique tone and brilliant insight into the diverse magickal/ritual and healing uses of gemstones. Fifty gemstones are mentioned. In the history of lapidaries, De Virtutibus Lapidum, by the Mage Damigeron represents one of our deepest roots of an ancient source of the base for our contemporary literature and knowledge on the magickal lore of gemstones. This is possibly the oldest in the West and Near East.

Trade Cloth Edition, blue book cloth, gold stamp on spine with jacket. Book is in new unread condition


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