THE VODOU QUANTUM LEAP by Dr. Reginald Crosley (Revised and Expanded Limited Edition Hardcover)


THE VODOU QUANTUM LEAP by Dr. Reginald Crosley (Revised and Expanded Limited Edition Hardcover)

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Ever since a short lived first edition more than 15 years ago, The Vodou Quantum Leap by Haitian metaphysician Dr. Reginald Crosley has the reputation of being one of the most notorious books on the occult capacities and potentials of esoteric Vodou. Possibly rivalled only by Michael Bertiaux’ Voudon Gnostic Workbook in revealing and elaborating the most hidden and shadowy aspects of the Vodou Universe, The Vodou Quantum Leap makes a radical claim: that operational Vodou, especially in the workings of the Secret Societies, is nothing short of applied Quantum and New Physics.

Writing from a deep esoteric experience and understanding of Vodou and Afro-centric Gnosis, Dr. Crosley also draws on Western and Eastern mysticism, surrealism, shamanism and modern science to open eerie doorways for the reader into Vodou as an experience of extraordinary Gnostic and occult possibilities and powers.

The infamous voltigeurs, the leapers between the manifold dimensions of reality are at the center of this intense visionary work which expands on such fields as the sinister operations of the red sects, the forbidden zones of black magic, fetichism and spiritual pacts.

Illustrated by esoteric artist and Voudon initiate Peter Dyde, this expanded Theion edition of The Vodou Quantum Leap features a fascinating foreword by David Beth at the personal request of Dr. Crosley.


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