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THE WAY OF ABRAHADABRA by Andre Consciencia – Limited Edition Hardcover


THE WAY OF ABRAHADABRA by Andre Consciencia – Limited Edition Hardcover

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THE WAY OF ABRAHADABRA by Andre Consciencia – with CD, 1 of only 33 copies. Published by Sirius Limited Esoterica. 171 pages. Book is in new unread condition.

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The Grimoire is focused by the systematic practice of the magick encrypted in it’s letters and their virtues, powers and symbol, keeping the method of hermetic science one needs wild and untamed visionary knowledge to dance together with a solid comprehension of universal law. This animistic work is a visionary tome of luciferian nature and a guide to the practical magick of the solar path, it’s projective powers and the Tao within it, to be followed by a second book, The Path of IPSOS.

From the introduction:

The reader may have lived long enough under the shadows, so that not to delay him any further from finding his own clearing in the ululating darkness is this introduction to be made as compact as it can. Nevertheless, the reader is advised to read it slowly, to stop from time to time and to place these brief words under meditation, and also to research about any concept that he is still ignorant of. Such labor is already as hosting the sunlight.

Ours is a hard work, to find a way of explaining briefly and in theory that open road which we are about to expose to the perilous adventurer. It was believed by the ancients that mental space and emotional time were entwined with all physical notions, so that through the extension of space and time there was also the intention of space and time, and the inner and the outer were equally limitless in proportion and bound only by the will of a conscious being. That law seemed also to imply that, once consciousness was installed no matter when or where, there was no part of the witnessed universe that wasn’t animated by a somehow intelligent sensibility in a metaphysical and somewhat sexual intercourse with imagination. That is how the phallus of the universe would impregnate the womb of Adam, his skull, and he would name manifestation by different titles, so that, at that time, original and pure creativity ruled over chaos. This brings us to the formula of our title: Abrahadabra.

Abrahadabra is Abracadabra transformed by the author Aleister Crowley to contain the impregnations of the holy spirit, that is, of the visionary agent, that secret fluid that generates through friction and release between matter – as unmanifest as it is – and its sensible experience – which the wisemen of old held to be the manifest.  It is not that man, as a sensible being, is full and the universe empty without him experiencing it, but a man, as a microcosmos or an inner world, is empty until having been touched by the universe – the macrocosmos – so that it is the unmanifest that manifests the sensible being. Our aim is to explore the animistic possibilities of this theory with the tools we see fit.


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THE WAY OF ABRAHADABRA by Andre Consciencia - Limited Edition Hardcover THE WAY OF ABRAHADABRA by Andre Consciencia - Limited Edition Hardcover
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