UNSEEN FIRE vol I & 2: The Star of Azazel with JOHANNES NEFASTOS (Limited Edition)

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UNSEEN FIRE I: The Star of Azazel with JOHANNES NEFASTOS (Limited Edition)

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UNSEEN FIRE I & 2: The Star of Azazel
by Johannes Nefastos
(Limited Edition Softcover)
UNSEEN FIRE vol I: The Star of Azazel
Published by the Star of Azazel temple 

Book has a crease to front cover and some of the first few pages. otherwise in near fine condition.

Each article has been illustrated specifically by artists and members of the fraternity. Art from Vesa-Antti Puumalainen, Veera Pitkänen, Anna C. Schmidt and Fras Benemal, Nox and Profundus. 127 pages, scarlet cover with a black sigil Limited edition of 370 copies, each hand- numbered in red ink

This is the first annual publication in English by the Star of Azazel. Includes articles from:
  • Rosary of Azazel by Fra Johannes Nefastos
  • Opening of the Gates by Johannes Nefastos
  • Aspects of Azazel by Fra obnoxion
  • A Comparison Between the Theosophic Septenary and Old Norse Metaphysics by Fra Jiva
  • Suffering – The Gift of Satan; Perspectives of Suffering by Fra Kenazis
  • Devotion to Satan by Fra Sebomai
  • Devotion to Lucifer by Fra Sebomai
  • Devotion to Azazel by Fra Sebomai
UNSEEN FIRE vol II: The Star of Azazel
(Limited edition of 250 copies. 157 pages, thick black covers with a silver foil sigil on the front. Fully illustrated. Softcover)

UNSEEN FIRE is an annual publication of the Star of Azazel. This book-like publication contains a collection of articles by members of the brotherhood with effective illustration. Writings on the second Unseen Fire intertwine under the theme of elemental world; in particular on plants, animals and the element earth.

Articles included:

Frater Jiva: 
Askr and Embla as Öndvegissúlur: Forging the New Human

Frater Obnoxion: 
Leviticus and Beyond: Philosophising by Sacrificing

Soror Heith: 
On the Red Aspect & Gardening

Soror Vanadís: 
Feminine Creation Myths in Finnish Mythology

Frater Obnoxion: 
Hounds of Melancholy

Frater Kenazis: 
Sacred Plants: Amanita Muscaria

Frater Sebomai: 
The Prophet and the Ass: The Story of Balaam’s Talking Donkey and its Mystical Significance

Soror Heith: 
The Magical Qualities, Religious Use and Role of the Alder Tree Among the Finno-Ugric Peoples

Frater Nefastos: 
Our Relation to the Animal Kingdom and Vegetarianism

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