INTO THE VOID by J.T. Kirkbride (Hardcover Edition)

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INTO THE VOID by J.T. Kirkbride (Hardcover Edition)

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Book specifications:

– 127 pages
– 120 grams bone-white paper bookblock
– Black cloth bound hardcover
– Black 120 grams end-papers
– Gold foil sigil and lettering printed to the front cover
– Gold foil lettering printed to the spine

Into the Void – The Suicidal Initiation of Mars in Saturn by J.T. Kirkbride, author of Saturn Rising.

Forth coming will be a next book in the Monographic Grimoire Series (#6) being titled INTO THE VOID The Suicidal Initiation of Mars in Saturn by J.T. Kirkbride, author of “Saturn Rising”.

This book will be an important follow-up to the authors debut release “Saturn Rising”, published by Aeon Sophia Press.

The INTO THE VOID Monographic Grimoire book bridges between the main works of “Saturn Rising” and the forth coming book, scheduled for release in 2018: “Saturn Rising volume 2”.

INTO THE VOID is 127 pages total. It is a hands on workbook for those who already have familiarized themselves with the subject matter and system of magic as presented by the author in “Saturn Rising”.


Synopsis of Into the Void by J.T. Kirkbride.

Over the course of human evolution, one thing has developed and grown which has allowed us to survive within the impersonal environments of unrelenting Nature. Once a useful and necessary tool by which we could separate ourselves from the herd around us, this one irrational concept now threatens to destroy both our humanity, and Humanity itself. This thing of which I speak, is the human ego. 

The human ego gives us a sense of Self. It allows us to say “this is me”, and in today’s culture, extends so far as to include “this is what I believe… This is what I expect… This is what I demand”. Our very identity as human beings, belonging to a race of biologically-similar creatures, hinges upon the premise, and rests squarely within the bounds of what we – as a democratic collective – have decided constitutes a person, or a single individual in our modern world. We are all equal, but only because we have an ego structure which screams to be heard and recognised.

The human ego is a conceptual trap, and long-outlived its purpose as an evolutionary tool millennia ago, with the advent of civilisation and agriculture. Rather than provide us with a survival instinct, it now simply acts as the proxy mannequin by which we measure our civil rights, and our collective entitlements. Rather than provide us with survival instincts and announce “run, you’re about to get hit by a bus!”, it now screams “how much can I sue the bus company for, after they run be down?”. Such fallacies should not be allowed to exist.

Without an ego structure as we know it, we would not need empathy, for we would share each others’ pain; we would not need compassion, for helping others is, in fact, the same as helping ourselves. There would be no thought of reward for good deeds, for the deed along would be payment enough, in seeing others well, and happy. This cannot come to be, so long as our egos insist that we are separate creatures and independent in thought, and existence; separate from each other, separate from our host planet, separate from the universe, and separate from god, however it is chosen to be defined.

This philosophy is mirrored in the Western Ceremonial Tradition, but is is known as “crossing the Abyss”. This act of magical transcendence requires great achievement, great discipline, and the willingness to let oneself go – or, perhaps, the sense of oneself – in order to leave the dualistic world of self vs. other behind, and become unified within Binah and the supernal triad of the Tree Of Life. This next volume, bridging between Saturn Rising vols. 1 & 2, serves as a theoretical groundwork, and extended series of practical pathworking exercises designed to abolish and implode one’s sense of self and the mundane ego. Freed from this limitation, we will be able to ascend much more easily, regard dualisms as the fantasy of sub-Abyssal existence, and step effortlessly across the Abyss anytime we please, recognising immediately that we are no longer owned, manipulated or subservient to our mundane, human egos.

For those who have read Saturn Rising vol.1, the idea of suicide will be familiar as the introduction of Martian energies into a Saturnian environment, providing the fiery, Masculine impetus to effect change in the sullen, cold and introspective Saturnian world. By working through the exercises and rituals in Into The Void, one will effectively commit a form of voluntary spiritual suicide from which it would be difficult to recover, and yet, provide so much greater benefit to the spiritual substance of the practitioner, that no other single change could effect such a dynamic and positive shift within the ir own person.

It should be noted that the mundane ego is not completely destroyed, and that it is no more difficult to go about one’s day thinking of themselves as the person they believe they are. Rather, the ego is imploded on a spiritual level, not on a mundane level, so that when acts of magic and ritual are undertaken, the primal, basic concept of “me” does not get in the way of higher aspirations, in which there exists no division, no you, or I, or anybody else, but simply all as one. After the ritual is complete, it is a simple matter to go back to pretending to be who we think we are in order to conduct our daily business, but we will know better deep in our hearts, and we will feel better on the whole, no longer being hung-up with the idea of a permanent, unchanging, and eternal “I am”. 

The ego is a liar; for some, it inflates their sense of self beyond reason and to the contempt of others. For the rest, it lies again and limits their true ability with false ideas of inferiority and ineptitude. Rarely do we ever find a person whose true, inner self is mirrored precisely and accurately by their own perception of their abilities, limitations, or entitlements. The rituals presented in this forthcoming volume side-step these issues entirely, and negate all significance our own personal egos attempt to convince us must be the truth, for they are but liars. It is time for the ego of Mankind to reach its final death; it is time to step into the void, and commit ritual suicide in the name of Mars in Saturn.

-Humbly yours, Jimmy T. Kirkbride.
October 10th, 2016.


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