VUDU CARTOPRAPHY by Michael Bertiaux (Limited Edition Hardcover)


VUDU CARTOPRAPHY by Michael Bertiaux (Limited Edition Hardcover)

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One of only 708 hand numbered copies. This book is in fine unread condition.

Vûdû Cartography is a new work from Michael Bertiaux. Richly illustrated with his own highly distinctive artwork, it leads the reader into the shimmering world of ‘Les Vûdû’; through chants, oracles, séances and his own system of symbolic imagery, drawing on his own experiences in Haiti and beyond, he paints in prose and image a dizzling journey into the mysteries of Vuodon; weaving a poetic travelogue which sheds much light on the esoteric practices and insights for which he is justifiably famed.

Vûdû Cartography is a beautifully produced work, showcasing Bertiaux’s dazzling artwork in all its glory. This is not merely an ‘art book’ however. It contains many deep insights into the Vudon Gnosis which Bertiaux has expounded in his other works. A must for any explorer of the topographies of these cults of shadow and supersensuality.


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