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GULLVEIGARBOK by Ekortu (Deluxe Leather 2nd Edition Bound Special Edition with Real Wolf Claw Talisman ) Import

his is the second edition of only 33 leather bound deluxe editions with custom real wolf claw talisman. Book is in new unread condition. This is #16 of 33

Published by IXAXAAR

“Gullveig is the Teutonic and Germanic highest feminine principle of darkness – the maid, the mother, and the crone: Gullveig’s traits are analogous to Lilith’s and Hecate’s. In the Old Norse Mythology she is the sinister arch- mother of the giants and the black arts; she’s also the divine feminine manifestation of the analogue thursian purpose.” The book is in effect a grimoire of Gullveig, drawing from old Norse Mythology and occult lore to establish a pathway of black magical practice.

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