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New Publisher Aula Lucis Press + Edgar Kerval Editions Added


Three new titles (4 editions) added to our shop this week, including a new publisher Aula Lucis Press.

First from Aula Lucis Press is Hermetic Arcanum was first published in Paris by Nicolas Buon in 1623, alongside another anonymous treatise by the same author, Enchiridion Physicae Restitutae. Rather than have his name appear in print, Jean d’Espagnet concealed his name in an anagram: Penes Nos Unda Tagi. Arcanum almost immediately became one of the most influential alchemical treatises on the Philosopher’s Stone, largely thanks to the unprecedented clarity with which d’Espagnet described the subsequent stages of the preparation and maturation of the Great Arcanum.

Also from Aula Lucis Press is Astral Conversations, an unusual book that is neither fiction nor non-fiction, but combines both genres in a unique way. The main narrative is the record of twelve lively and sometimes humorous conversations between two occult students overheard clairaudiently by the author. 

Lastly, we’ve added a limited and deluxe title from Sirius Limited Esoterica and Edgar Kerval. This book is one of the attempts to understand and embrace the Nightside. Unlike many others, which discuss the Tree of Qliphoth from a broader perspective, Edgar has chosen to focus on one concept encountered within the dark realms of the Other Side – the Qliphothic universe of Baratchial. 

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