Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
All customers who use this site must agree to the terms on this page BEFORE placing any orders through this site.

All charges will be processed and appear on your statement as Miskatonic Books.

First time buyers please note:

For the first order made by a new customer the book will only be shipped to the address of the card holder. We will not ship to another address. Only after your first order will we allow orders to be shipped to an alternet address. 

Money Back Guarantee

In-Stock Items: Miskatonic Books offers its customers a full 7-day money back guarantee on all products sold within its store. You must return your product(s) within 7 days of receiving your order to get credit. Receiving your order is determined by the USPS tracking number. After seven days of receiving the product all sales are final.  Products must be in new condition or in the condition shipped on older titles.

Preordered Items: If customers order items that have not yet been released, we cannot offer refunds to credit cards or Paypal past 60 days of when your order has been placed.  Any cancellations or refunds after this 45 day period will be issued in the form of a gift certificate which can be used in the exact store or provider which the returned or cancelled items originally were sold from.

Customers who select ‘Layaway’ as their payment option agree to the terms of Miskatonic Books Layaway plan which is outlined below:

Layaway terms cannot be modified other than paying off the layaway early. No exceptions.

The payment option of layaway will be presented at checkout if you have a minimum of $100 subtotal per shop in your cart.

All layaways with a payment that is 3 days late from the scheduled payment will automatically be cancelled and items on layaway will automatically go back into general bookstore stock for resale.

Our layaway plans are based on 4 monthly payments and 25% (your first payment) is non-refundable. Refundable amounts older than 45 days can only be issued in gift certificate and only upon written request, refundable amounts under 45 days will only be refunded back into the same account they were withdrawn and only upon written request.  Requests for gift certificate or cash refund where applicable must be sent to miskatonicbooks@me.com.

If a scheduled payment is missed, the order and layaway will automatically be canceled and book will go back into general store inventory and be sold on a first come first serve basis.

First payment on layaway must be made within 24 hours of order.

Early payoffs are available, but only as a full payoff of the balance. No extra payments will be accepted as the layaway is handled via a subscription through Paypal and cannot be altered.

To payoff a layaway early, please submit an email to miskatonicbooks@me.com and requesting this and you will receive the remaining balance and instructions on how to make the final early payment.